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Get rid of bad breath

Get rid of bad breath

Studies show that 85% of people who have bad breath constantly have problems with their teeth. Bad breath can be very frustrating, and affects the majority of the population.

Before reaching for the mouth spray or chewing gum, find out what is more important to keep your breath fresh:

Get rid of bad breath1. Visit your dentist. Regular check up, treating cavities is the surest way to get rid of this problem.
2. Wash your teeth twice a day. Cleaning your teeth is required twice a day. This will remove the plaque that accumulates around your teeth, which it is the main cause of tooth decay.
3. Clean your teeth with a floss between meals, because usually your toothbrush can’t reach all places.
4. Use mouthwash to rinse your mouth. Special anti-bacterial solutions will help you to maintain a good oral hygiene, but don’t rely solely on them to mask the bad breath.
5. Don’t forget the tongue. Clean it with tongue cleaner or toothbrush that has special rubber tongue cleaner on the back. People often don’t realize that their bad breath comes precisely from there.
6. Quit smoking. Fresh breath and smoking? Two incompatible things!
7. Problems with your digestive system? If your oral cavity is okay, but you still have bad breath, it may be due to problems with your bowel, gastritis, ulcer etc. If you think that you have some health problems consult your doctor.

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