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Control the reactions of your body

In life, there are some situations that require you to refrain from expressing emotions through a smile or tears. There are also other situations in which you want to help yourself to avoid unpleasant problems like fainting, acids or prevent the annoying hiccup. Your body can only fight against these undesirable problems, but you need to tell it what to do.

Prevent the hiccup

The hiccup is very uncomfortable, especially when it lasts longer. To prevent it, take a deep breath, (do not exhale) and hold the air for ten seconds. Then, without exhaling, inhale more air and hold it for five seconds. Finally, inhale once more and hold it for five seconds. Once you do this, exhale and continue to breathe normally. Research showed that in almost all participants who did this ‘trick’, the hiccup stopped immediately.

Prevent the tears

Very often, there are situations when the tears can only hurt you. In such unpleasant moments, to stop them you simply need to clean your throat. It will stop for a second the mechanism in the nasal canals and the larynx, which control the crying. When you are cleaning tour throat, you swallow instinctively, and with it the tongue is set on the upper part of the oral cavity. It is another trick that helps to stop the tears.

Prevent laughter when it is inappropriate

If you get an laugh attack when it is not appropriate time, be stronger and pinch yourself hard or bite your tongue. If that does not help, bite the both inner part of the cheeks or both sides of your mouth. That way you will prevent the edges of your mouth to rise, if you can not refrain. Take a deep breath or tighten your lips. These tricks can help you to keep your smile and to not look insensitive (and be ashamed).

Prevent the pain of injections

Most people are afraid of the needle and for them the pain seems greater. To prevent the pain from the injections, with the tip of the thumb and the index finger, pinch yourself somewhere nearby, while you are receiving the injection. It will confuse the receptors, so the sting will be less painful.

Prevent fainting

If you feel weakness in your knees and you fear that you will faint, cross your legs, tighten the muscles of the thighs and the abdominal muscles. Usually the fainting happens due to low blood pressure and less blood circulation in the limbs. If you tighten your muscles, you save the high blood pressure and restore the blood in the heart and the brain. This exercise reduces the risk of fainting for 30%.

Prevent the night stomach acids

If you have stomach acids at night, it is best to sleep on the left side. Sleeping in that position will keep the natural curve of the esophagus, and it will restrain the stomach acids to go up. When you sleep on your back or on the right side, the esophagus straightens.