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The French diet – Popular weight loss diet

The French diet - Popular weight loss diet

If you have ever wondered how it is possible for French women to eat products that have many calories such as cheese, butter, pasta and wine and to have a great figure, this diet might be the explanation. French diet is based on the principle that if you want to lose weight permanently, you need to consume only high quality food served in small portions. And to enjoy every bite!

Whether you eat chocolate or drink champagne – you should eat and drink slowly, using all your senses and turn every meal into blissful experience. Thus it will appear that much smaller but tasty meals are sufficient.

The French diet - Popular weight loss diet

The French diet doesn’t restrict the intake of any food, provided that the portions should be small. It doesn’t require you to count calories and skip meals.

This diet is a 3-month diet, designed to teach your body to a healthy lifestyle, and to achieve the optimal weight in the same time – through a slow and gradual weight loss.

Many people like this diet because it doesn’t include active exercising. But a regular physical activity it’s recommended and a lot of walking.

The French diet – What to eat

This diet describes the lifestyle of French woman having a perfect figure without restriction or guilt. The diet  provides a positive approach on weight loss, including foods such as white bread, chocolate and wine. You should just enjoy the food and drink, but don’t overdo the portions. Fresh and seasonal spices are highly recommended.

The French diet recommends consuming a variety of healthy foods. No food is restricted, and people are encouraged to try new recipes, spices and herbs.

You long to taste something sweet? Don’t hesitate – a few bites or a small portion of your favorite food would not hurt. Want to drink wine tonight? Enjoy it but don’t overdo it. If you gradually reduce the portion sizes, you won’t even feel that you eat less – that is the benefit of this diet.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable to make mistakes and overeat. And when that happens, it is recommended to eat healthy the next day, especially fruit and vegetables and yogurt – it is rich in calcium and protein.

How does the French diet work

The basic principle of the French diet is the pleasure of eating in a relaxed atmosphere. Modern lifestyle causes us to eat quickly and often ‘on foot’, which is completely wrong. If you eat and chew more slowly and you enjoy every bite, you’ll succeed and lose weight – and this diet proves it.

Final thoughts about the French diet

It’s a fact that some French women also gain weight. In France there also are people suffering from obesity, and this number is increasing. Therefore the name of the diet is speculative, some nutritionists say.

At the same time some of the recommendations in the diet fall right on the spot, most experts say – regular walking, moderate exercise, consumption of fruits and vegetables. However it is wrong to assume that the onions or chocolate have magical qualities to melt fat.

French diet may be an appropriate method of weight loss – at least for those who appreciate quality food, wine and chocolate and want to have a choice what to eat. It really can help with weight loss – as long as you monitor your portion sizes.

Most people get bored pretty quickly to comply with the French diet and come back to their old eating habits that are the main cause of their excess weight. Unlike other diets, the French diet doesn’t prohibit your favorite foods, and helps you  slowly and gradually to begin to enjoy eating tasty food – in smaller portions.

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