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10 fashion errors

Probably we all make mistakes in the way we dress. And probably some of them are due to ignorance of certain principles. We offer you a list of 10 most common mistakes that you can fix today:

1. Bra straps are visible
Bra is an underwear and you should wear underwear under the clothes, so let’s stay there. Do not let your bra straps to appear accidental, and even less so – on purpose. If you ever thought it was sexy, you have to swallow the truth – it is not sexy, but rather speaks of negligent attitude to the way you look. If you can not avoid the bra straps because your shirt is open at the shoulders, wear transparent straps or better, strapless bra.

2. Your panties are showing
Another mistake is the outline of your panties under your skirt or trousers. This not only not beautiful, but it distorts the way your body looks. The only way to avoid this error is to use ‘string’ panties. Yes, they can be handy, especially if they are cotton. Get used to them quickly.

3. Pants with too low waist.
Low waisted pants are definitely an achievement in the fashion of all the pants, but some women do overdo it by wanting to show more flesh. Be careful not to jump the border between what is sexy and what may lead to even a gynecologist blush.

4. Jeans are too narrow and tall
They are high on the waist and have the form of stove-pipes on the legs. It just destroys the balance and proportions of your body, especially around the waist and hips. Choose a model that can be fastened just below the waist and down to be slightly extended.

5. Sandals with socks
This misunderstanding is unacceptable in fashion for both women and men. The reasons are at least two. First, the sandals are shoes designed to be worn on bare feet, and secondly, most likely you will get your socks dirty in open shoes. Want more evidence that tandem socks-sandals is a mistake? Well – is really ugly. If you have cold feet, just put on your shoes.

6. White bra under a white shirt
Many women make this mistake, because they believe that the bra will not visible. The truth is that it shows just as much if it is black or red. Instead of white bra choose skin color – one that blends with your skin tone.

7. Boots or shoes in which you can not walk
We have seen these cartoons – Girls in 10-inch heels, tottering, with bent knees, in desperate attempts to maintain equilibrium. Rather than looking chic and sexy, they look silly. If you can not go with high boots, do not buy any. Choose a model in which you will feel comfortable – low heels can also be very elegant and sexy.

8. Wrong size clothes
Stop buying clothes in a smaller number that you would like to wear or large, hanging bags. In either case you will look more chubby that you really are. Do not worry that the size you normally wear, it does not fit on you in some shops. The reason probably is that you have gained little weight, but also the fact that no one really knows how they put these sizes now days.

9. Not dressing appropriately for your age
Perhaps you have known – a neighbor, colleague, friend who dresses like teenager, although she is 30. For most women over 30 years, however, T-shirts with inscriptions are for the youth. Do not assume, of course, that there are only old fashioned clothes for women over 30. There are enough fresh and fashionable clothes from which to enjoy and look much better than a teenager.

10. Cheap nail polish
Cheapest nail polish … looks cheap, on the nails of the hands and legs. If you think people do not notice it – you are wrong. Buy a good brand – not only it will give you a classy look, but much more rarely you will have to retouch your nails.

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