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7 Tips to look your best as a wedding guest

7 Tips to look your best as a wedding guest

The wedding season is here and you’ve probably got an invitation to at least one wedding. You’ve probably already decided what outfit to wear, but to look extra special you need to focus on the little things too.

The final details are very important part of the whole outfit, because they will make you look festive, and irresistibly enchanting. Here are some suggestions on how to improve your appearance if you’re invited as a wedding guest.

7 Tips to look your best as a wedding guest

7 Tips to look your best as a wedding guest

Glamorous hair accessories for your hair

Hair accessories can magically change your look and style. You don’t have to use huge earrings, necklaces or bracelets when you can add a touch of glamour to your outfit with an interesting hair band with flowers, romantic hair ribbon or large sparkly hairpin with crystals.

The hair accessories will help you to minimize the use too much hair spray or hair mousse. They will tame the stray hair and you won’t have to put too much hair spray, so your hair won’t be to stiff and uncomfortable to the touch and it won’t look unnatural.

Modern and fun nail polish

The appearance of your nails should be a very important thing for every woman and not just for special occasions. They are an indication of how a woman takes care of how she looks. You don’t have to do an expensive professional manicure in a salon in order for your nails to look fashionable and beautiful, you can do your manicure at home. Just trim your nails and apply a nail polish in a fun color that’s great for this season.

You can also choose a matte nail polish or textured nail polish. One of the most modern colors of nail polish for this season is nude, beige or light pastel colors. Red nails are also unmistakable choice especially if you want to look chic and sophisticated. Another favorite this season is the light purple color, shades of light green and metallic colors like gold, silver or rose gold.

Smokey eyes with colorful eyeshadow

Smokey eyes that don’t look too heavy is a look that’s preferred for any special occasion. But instead of trying to get the perfect smokey eyes with the help of black-gray combination, use colorful eyeshadow like purple, green or blue eyeshadow. You can use black or dark gray in the outer corner of your eyes and use a colorful eyeshadow as a highlight or the main color.

You can also use darker shade as a base color and use metallic color as a highlight, for example combine dark purple eyeshadow with gold highlighter. Another great combination is royal blue with silver highlighter and dark green eyeshadow with rose gold highlighter.

Sexy red lips

There is no easier and more feminine way to finalize your special occasion makeup than with red lips. Even the simplest little black dress will look more glamorous if you choose to wear a red lipstick.

If you can’t imagine yourself wearing red lipstick, start wearing it around the house. For example, wear a red lipstick wile you’re cooking or watching television etc. That way you’ll start to get used to wearing  red lipstick and you’ll be able to confidently wear red lipstick on every occasion.

Also it’s well known that men can’t resist red lips and they certainly attract their attention. So, if you want to get some attention from a certain someone, wear matte or glossy red lips.

If you want to know how to apply red lipstick properly and get that glamorous old Hollywood look, here’s a step by step guide on how to get the perfect red lips.

Use a makeup setting spray

Make-up can easily smudge if you wear it the whole day, especially if the weather is warm and you have fun dancing. To avoid this, use a makeup setting spray so your makeup won’t budge the whole night.

Wear your favorite perfume

Want to smell irresistible? Then you should apply your favorite perfume on strategic places on your body. It is best to apply the perfume to places that are naturally heated, like behind your ears, on your neck, on your wrists and even behind your knees. As your body heats up, the scent will get more stronger.

Carry touch up essentials in your bag

The last thing that you have to do is to carry touch up essentials in your bag. You don’t need much, just a powder foundation or setting powder, your lipstick and your mascara. Make sure that you carry a wet wipes too if your makeup smudges. If you decide to carry a small clutch, transfer some of the products in small pots or use travel size products.

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