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How to apply self tanner – Self tanning guide tips & tricks

How to apply self tanner - Self tanning guide tips & tricks

Do you feel more attractive when you have a bronze tan? Millions of people around the world love having bronze tan and impatiently wait for warm weather to show off their beautiful tan. But one thing that you have to know if you like having a tan is that the sun and using tanning bed can be dangerous. So probably the least harmful thing that you can use to get a bronze tan is self tanner that’s available in cream, lotion or spray form.

Self tanners allow you to get a bronze tan without exposing yourself to the harmful sun rays or to lie in dangerous tanning bed. Self tanners are probably the safest choice for getting bronze tan, but they also have their downsides – the resulting tan lasts only for a while and also if you don’t apply it properly, you can get spots and streaks that doesn’t look too attractive.

How to apply self tanner - Self tanning guide tips & tricks

To get the maximum effect from self tanning creams and lotions and to get the most natural look possible, here are a few tips and tricks on how to apply self tanner:

Self tanning guide tips & tricks

Self tanning tip #1 – Prepare your skin

The most important step for getting nice and even tan is to exfoliate your skin. Step into the shower and using a body scrub remove the dead and dry skin. You can use store bought or homemade body scrub and for best results use loofah or an exfoliating glove. Thanks to this procedure you’ll be able to apply the product evenly on your skin and you won’t get uneven spots or streaks of product. Pay special attention to your elbows, knees and ankles.

Self tanning tip #2 – Don’t apply the product in the bathroom

Don’t apply the self tanner in a warm bathroom, especially if you’ve recently taken a shower and your bathroom is filled with steam.  Open your bathroom window and let the steam out. If you’re impatient and you can’t wait for the steam to completely disappear from your bathroom, go to another room.

Self tanning tip #3 – Dry your skin completely

Dry your skin completely with a soft towel and wait for it to cool. After taking a shower, wait for at least 15 minutes for your skin to completely dry and cool down from the warm shower.

Self tanning tip #4 – Apply the product gently 

Apply the self tanning cream or lotion with circular and short movements. Take your time and don’t rush the application process, because fast and sudden moves can make the application uneven and you’ll get unpleasant lines and streaks. Apply the self tanner gently and use small amounts that you’ll apply thoroughly with circular movements.

Self tanning tip #5 – Start from your feet

Start applying the self tanning lotion or cream from your feet and slowly move up. If you apply the product on your stomach and back first, then when you bend to apply the product on your feet, a thicker layer of self tanner will accumulate in places where your skin naturally creases and you’ll end up with awful dark lines on your belly. Therefore, apply self tanning cream on your legs first, and then move on to the upper body.

Self tanning tip #6 – Trick for your knees and elbows

Here’s one helpful trick: When you apply a self tanner on your elbows, knees and ankles dilute the product. One of the most common complaints of women is that self tanning creams make the elbows, knees and ankles darker than the rest of the body. The reason for this is that on these parts of your body the skin is very dry and it’s soaking bigger amount of self tanning cream. But, there’s a solution to this problem, just mix equal amounts of self tanning cream with normal moisturizer or body lotion and use this mixture on your elbows, knees and ankles.

Self tanning tip #7 – Wash your hands often

If you aren’t using any plastic gloves, then go and wash your hands at least every 5 minutes. Don’t forget this important rule if you don’t want to end up with dark and dirty looking hands with dark spots and lines.

Self tanning tip #8 – Ask for help for your back

When you need to apply a self tanner to your back, ask for help. It is nearly impossible to succeed to apply the product on your back by yourself, so ask for an assistance of a close friend or family member. However, if you decide to apply self tanner on your back by yourself, use a sponge so you’ll apply the product more evenly.

Self tanning tip #9 – Wash your hands thoroughly

Once you finish applying the self tanning lotion, wash your hands thoroughly. Pay close attention to the skin between your fingers. To remove the self tanning cream that has accumulated under your nails, use a small brush or an old toothbrush.

Self tanning tip #10 – Apply product on your hands

Finally, apply some self tanner on your hands with a sponge. Many women immediately go to wash their hands so they won’t become dark and then they forget to apply self tanner on their hands, wrists and fingers. This can lead to a visible line between your hands and palms. To avoid this, apply some of the product on your hands using a small sponge, that way there won’t be any need to wash your hands again. It is advisable to use a sponge for the top of your feet too.

Self tanning tip #11 – Let the product dry

Stay naked for 20-30 minutes. It is necessary to wait for the product to soak into your skin. That way you’ll be sure that you won’t get any stains on your clothes. But you should also know that despite waiting for the product to dry completely, it’s still possible to get some stains on your clothes or sheets if you apply the product right before bedtime.

Self tanning tip #12 – Don’t shower for 6 hours

Make sure that you won’t shower for at least 6 hours after you apply a self tanner. Most women prefer to apply self tanning cream few hours before going to bed. This is actually a good idea because the cream can work all night. Just make sure that you use old clothes and sheets so you won’t accidentally stain them.

Extra self tanning guide tips & tricks

  • Start using a gentle body scrub every day for 3-4 before using self tanning cream. This way you can be sure that you’ll get rid of dead skin cells and your skin will be smooth and soft.
  • Use body lotion or cream 3-4 days before using self tanner. This will soften the skin and allow easier application of self tanning lotion.
  • Do the waxing or shaving 24-48 hours before applying the self tanner. This will avoid potential skin irritation.
  • Before using the self tanning cream, do a skin test. Apply some of the product to a small area of your ​​skin and wait for a few hours. If there is no adverse reaction, you can use the product.
  • For your face use a self tanner intended to be applied on the face. Although some women have no problem when they use the same self tanner for their body and face, if you have sensitive or acne prone skin, it is advisable to use a cream intended for your face.
  • Self tanners are not a sunscreen. When you go out and expose your skin to the sun, you should use sunscreen with at least SPF 15.

Here’s one extra tip if you get dark spots and streaks: The downside of self tanners is that sometimes you can get dark patches and lines. If you have, soak a cotton pad in lemon juice and rub it on the dark area. Many women claim that small amount of baking soda moistened with water or toothpaste also help.

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