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Cosmetic acne and blackheads

The main goal of any cosmetics is to beautify a woman, but sometimes it has the opposite effect. And it is often represented as acne and blackheads.
Even the most superficial overview of cosmetics, which are widely advertised in shop windows and on television show that on the market are offered many products which contain ingredients that can cause acne and blackheads.
Unfortunately, there is a system that controls the manufacture and sale of cosmetics and sometimes it does not give a definite answer on whether some product can cause acne or not .

Some companies are packaging their products with the words ‘non comedonic’. But the value of this recognition does not show if the product is hypoallergenic and how much it is natural.
Therefore, in the cosmetic, which are not hiding their ingredients you can find some that are comedonic. It is necessary to pay particular attention to the face products because that’s where are the majority of sebaceous glands. The face and neckline area is the most prone to acne.
To find out whether the offered products which you intend to purchase have comedonic ingredients you can find out form the list below.
If certain cosmetics contain less oils and fats, the more it is safe. The products which are based on water or in the form of a gel are not so dangerous for clogging the pores. By studying the labels you should be kept in mind that if the ingredient is near the top of the list of the ingredients (substances used), the product has more comedonic properties.
List of cosmetic components which can cause  acne and blackheads (comedones):

• Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol
• Hexylene Glygol
• Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
• Decyl Oleate
• Dimethicone
• Izoparafifin
• Izopropyl Lanolate
• Isostearic acid
• Coconut Oil, Coconut Butter
• Corn Oil
• Lanolin
• Lanolic Acid
• Mineral Oil
• Myristyl Lactate
• Myristyl Propionate
• Oleic Acid
• Oleyl Alcohol
• Petroleum jelly (Petrolatum, Vaseline)
• Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
• Sorbitan Oleate
• Soybean Oil
• Sweet Almond Oil

Of course, some of the product may cause acne in some women, but in some may not. Every skin is different. But it is good to know what ingredients are in our products.