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Spa manicure

You can do your own spa manicure without asking your friend over and over again. It can be fun!

Spa manicure is very special and makes the epidermis of the skin of the hands and around the nails very gentle and soft. And it is very moisturizing to your hands and nails.

You can do your own peach hand mask by blending half of peach and 2 tablespoons olive oil. If the mixture is too runny, thicken it with white clay or flour.

Follow the steps below, take one hour just for you, relax and enjoy a beautiful manicure.

You need one hour. We recommend you to prepare everything in advance for your manicure, so it will be easier and more convenient to to you.

What you need:

1 – Nail polish remover

2 – Cotton

3 – Nail Files

4 – Nail Polish

5 – Cuticle Cutter

6 – Cream – Cuticle softener

7 – Hand Mask – your homemade peach mask.


1 – Remove your old nail polish.

2 – Shape your nails in the form that you want – oval, square or slightly oval.

3 – Dry your hands and apply a cream – cuticle softener. Massage your nails with the cream and remove the cuticles.

4 – Apply the mask on your hands and leave it for  five minutes or more.

5- Wash your hands with lukewarm water and apply your favorite lotion.

6 – Wash your  nails with cool water. If they seem very greasy use cotton soaked with water or nail polish remover.

7 – Now is the time to apply the nail polish. You can put one layer on first, wait a few seconds to dry and then apply the one or two coats of your favorite polish. Wait until the first layer dries completely before applying the second coat. If you want your nail polish to be long lasting – apply a single layer of top coat transparent nail polish protector.

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