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How to find the perfect jeans for your body type

Find the ideal jeans - How to find the perfect jeans for your body type

Every woman should have a pair of jeans in her closet. But not only for a particular season, but always, because they never go out of fashion. Almost every other piece of clothing can be combined with jeans and you can create outfits that are great for both casual and for evening party look.

But finding the ideal jeans for your body type can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you aren’t in top shape. The good news is that today there is a huge variety of models and anyone can find the perfect jeans.

Don’t try to follow the latest trends when you choose jeans. If you’ve gained a few more pounds don’t choose skinny jeans just because they are fashionable. The important thing is to know the balance between the style of jeans and your body shape.

Here is how to find the perfect jeans for your body type:

Find the ideal jeans - How to find the perfect jeans for your body type

Find the perfect jeans – Body shape ‘Rectangle’

If your body has no curves and your shoulders, waist and hips are almost equal in width, then you probably think that you should wear straight regular cut jeans. But actually you should choose jeans that will show the curves of your body.

Choose: Low-waist and skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are perfect for you and you can use interesting belts in brighter colors to bring all the attention to your hips and make them look wider.

Avoid: Bell bottom jeans which tend to spread from the knee down. They’ll make your hips look even smaller and you won’t accentuate your body curves. Also, avoid jeans that are too wide because they can make your lower body to look like a men’s figure.

Find the perfect jeans – Body type ‘Pear’

If your hips are wider than your shoulders and your lower body is wider, then you have the body shape ‘pear’. Your goal is to drag the attention away from your wide hips and to highlight your legs.

Choose: Jeans that are wider at the bottom, because it will balance the wide hips, but they shouldn’t be too wide and look like bell bottom jeans. Choose a medium low waist, to avoid showing your underwear when you sit down. The deeper the color of the jeans, the better. It’s also great to choose an interesting skinny belt for your jeans. Jeans made from thinner material will easily ‘fall’ and they will make your legs look longer. If you choose elastic jeans, they’ll fix the problem with the wide waist and hips.

Avoid: Skinny jeans, because they will accentuate all the curves you’re trying to hide. Say a big ‘no’ to the baggy jeans too.

Find the perfect jeans – Body shape ‘Apple’

If you are little bit rounder, you’re rounder at the waist and your weight is evenly distributed on your body, then you have a body shape ‘apple’. The goal is to create the hourglass figure with the help of clothing.

Choose: Boot cut or straight jeans that spread a little from the knee down. Look for jeans that are elastic and stretchy, because they’ll look better on your figure. The waist should be neither too low nor too high, medium high waist is perfect. The back pockets should be big and without any decorations or applications so you’ll have a clean and elegant finish. Try to avoid light blue jeans, dark wash denim is perfect for you.

Avoid: Baggy jeans in bright colors. The bright colors will highlight your rounded figure, and the baggy jeans will make your body look bigger. The best jeans for you are classic jeans with no details, not many buttons and no colored stitching around the edges.

Find the perfect jeans – Body type ‘Hourglass’

If your shoulders and chest are an equal width as your hips, but your waist is thinner, then you have a body type ‘hourglass’. And you should feel lucky, because you have the body shape that every woman dreams of.

Choose: Jeans that will highlight the shape of your body. Skinny jeans will look great on you. If you are short, wear high heels. Also good jeans for you are those made of elastic materials and have a low waist.

Avoid: Jeans that in lighter shade that have a lot of details on the hips, because it’ll unnecessarily make your hips wider.

Find the perfect jeans – Body shape Reverse triangle’

If you have broad shoulders and/or bigger breasts, and small and narrow hips, then you have a body shape ‘reverse triangle’. You need to attract more attention to your hips to balance your shoulders and your hips.

Choose: Jeans that are a little bit baggy on the hips and thighs and get narrower at your ankles. In fact ‘boyfriend’ jeans fit your body type perfectly. Choose jeans that have a lot of details on the front and back pockets. Details such as colored stitching on the edges, big pockets, pockets with embroidery or studs, bleached details etc. will make your hips look wider you and they’ll balance your figure.

Avoid: Straight cut and skinny jeans, because they’ll accentuate your narrow hips.

How to find the perfect jeans for your body type – Extra tips

Choose jeans with a zipper instead of buttons. The zipper gives clean, more elegant look and creates no unnecessary gathering of the material.
Sit in the dressing room. While you’re trying on a new pair of jeans, sit with the new jeans in the dressing room and make sure that they are snug at your waist. If they detach from your body and your underwear starts to show, they aren’t the ideal jeans for you. You can only fix this problem with the help of seamstress, and don’t try to fix the problem with a belt because it won’t work.
If possible, buy two pairs. When you find two pairs of jeans that fit you perfectly, buy the two pairs if you can. Jeans never go out of fashion and if you don’t buy the other pair, you might be sorry when the ones you bought get worn out. Wear one pair daily with sneakers and sandals and the keep the other pair for special occasions like when you go out with high heels.
Wash your jeans before you make changes to them. If you want to make changes to your new jeans like narrowing them or making them shorter, wash them before you do anything. That way you’ll see how much your jeans have shrunk and you’ll have no problem with them after you do some alterations.
Always wash your jeans in cold water. Hot water can cause more shrinking. Also flip them inside out when you wash and dry your jeans to minimize the loss of color.

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