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Makeup trends spring/summer 2011

The new season brings exciting new makeup trends that will give the makeup lovers a whole new level of experimenting. It will surely give you the inspiration to change the way you use makeup to emphasize the features of your face.
Here are the trends for the season spring/summer 2011:

Thick eyebrows. This season your eyebrows should leave a strong impression. Thick and precisely shaped eyebrows will make your eyes more dramatic and in the same time innocent. To maintain them in neat shape and to avoid the ‘disheveled’ look, use a little brow gel.
Dramatic eyeliner. Eyeliner is a key tool for defining the shape of the eyes. And this season, do not hesitate and extend the line when you apply your eyeliner. Also curl the line up at the ends. That would give your eyes ‘wings’ and make your eyes more sexy. If you are not so precise with liquid eyeliner, use an eye pencil to line your eyes. The black eyeliner is a must, but if you want to add some individuality, on the inner corners of the eye or on the lower lid apply dark blue or purple eyeliner.
Dramatic prominent eyes. Sometimes the use of eyeliner is not enough to emphasize the maximum your eyes. Eyeshadows are necessary tool to achieve seductive, dramatic, smokey look. One of the colors that will definitely mark this season, at least when it comes to eye makeup, is brown. Different shades of brown will make your eyes mysterious and at the same time warm, so it will definitely help you create a memorable look for your eyes. But other than brown, be sure to use purple, blue, green or gray eyeshadow.
For those of you who want to experiment, you will love the trend of eye make-up duo, i.e using eyeshadows of two colors – one for the upper lid and the other for the lower lid just below the eye. Excellent way to combine eyeshadows are using lighter for the lower lid and darker for the upper, like dark blue for the upper and caramel color for the lower lid.
Red or dark purple lips. Classic red lips are again among the most current trends. Every shade, from bright red to dark red is modern, and the final touch can be either matte or gloss. Besides red, use a lipstick in a dark purple color which is kind of gothic, but it will definitely define your lips. For a modern effect, in the middle of the lips apply more lipstick and then with a lipstick brush blend the color towards the edges in order the color to become softer.
Minimalism. It seems in fashion it is popular to go to extremes. Besides the trends of dramatic outlined eyes and lips, the trend for minimal makeup remains popular this season too. And to follow it, you should know the rule: ‘Instead of changing your natural beauty, just highlight it’. Popular eyeshadow colors are gray, pink or coral, the highlight of your eyes should be with black or brown mascara, and for the lips you should use nude colors.
Fresh complexion. The trend for minimal use of makeup is increasing pressure on women to have smooth skin. If the dark tan that you had during the summer vacation begins to disappear, do not be concerned with it, just be proud with your natural tan. Use concealer to hide the blemishes and apply transparent powder. To give your face some freshness, use blush in pink or coral color. So your face will look like you just blushed from the cold spring breeze.

The trends for the new season are varied enough to allow you to experiment with different colors and styles. Do not compromise and always create your own unique look.

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