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Essential summer accessories you should have

Essential summer accessories you should have

Summer accessories aren’t just limited to a beach hat and sunglasses. There are many things that you can use and make your summer outfit unique and beautiful.

Summer accessories help you to express your individuality and character. They can also change the overall look of an outfit. These are the essential summer accessories you should have that can easily update and refresh your outfit during the summer days.

Essential summer accessories you should have

Summer accessories you should have – Jewelry

Your daily summer outfit can immediately become chic and elegant with jewelry. Summer jewelry trends, as you probably know, are aimed at floral details and bright colors.

Statement necklaces. Let your imagination run wild and choose statement necklaces that you can combine with any outfit. Choose statement necklaces with metallic details, colorful necklaces, necklaces with large sparkly stones etc. Everything that’s big and noticeable is allowed.

Large bracelets. Large bracelets are a popular summer accessories that will make any outfit more fun and interesting. You can choose one large bracelet or wear couple of bracelets in different colors on one hand. You can choose whatever color you like, any material that you like. Just make sure that you don’t combine the bright large bracelets with colorful patterned clothes so your outfit won’t look funny and childish.

Turquoise jewelry. Turquoise is the color that dominates the summer season. To get a little bit of this summer color in your outfit, choose bracelets, earrings, hair accessories or scarves in turquoise color.

Above the knuckle rings. Above the knuckle rings have been around for couple of seasons now and they’re still here. Choose couple of small and dainty metallic above the knuckle rings and wear them on your fingers with or without small and thin normal rings.

Flower earnings. You must have at least one pair of stud earrings in the shape of a flower. It doesn’t matter what color they are, they’ll give you a classic look and they’re great for everyday and evening outfits.

Summer accessories you should have – Bags

Many women can’t imagine leaving their house without a bag and this is completely justified. This summer season, forget the big bags that can fit everything that you want into them. Summer is all about looking natural and feeling light and free, so reduce the number of cosmetic products and other stuff that you constantly carry in your large bag, and choose a smaller and lighter bag.

Small bags. Small envelope style bags, small bags with a long chain strap and small clutches are really trendy this summer season. Big bags won’t look good with your light summer outfit, so choose small bag with interesting details and colors. The details in the form of flowers, zippers or studs will give uniqueness to your purse.

Bright colors and floral patterns. You can add a little freshness to a dull outfit with a bag bag in strong bright color or with a small bag with floral pattern.

Perforated ‘leather’ bag. Many fashion designers have perforated leather bags in their collections. The small laser cut holes give a modern and intricate look to the bags. Depending what you like, you can choose bag with larger or smaller holes. Of course make sure that you choose a bag made from synthetic (fake) leather.

Fringed bags. Regardless of it’s color, a fringed bag is a ‘must have’ for this summer season. It looks great with casual and summery boho outfits.

Bags with a chain strap. Bags with a long chain strap go great with elegant and glamorous dress, and with casual everyday outfit. Choose a bag with thin long chain strap that you can place inside the bag when you wear it with an elegant outfit, and you can pull the strap out and wear the bag across you body when you’re dressed casual.

Summer accessories you should have – Sunglasses

In addition to protecting your eyes, sunglasses have a major role in completing your outfit. When buying sunglasses, what you have to do first is to choose sunglasses for your face shape, and while doing that choose fun and interesting sunglasses for the summer.

Bright and colorful sunglasses. Colorful sunglasses will bring freshness to any outfit. They can be in any color and pattern that you like. Frames with floral or geometric patterns look irresistible, so don’t hesitate and get a pair. They don’t have to match the color of your clothes, just use them to make your outfit more interesting.

Aviator sunglasses. It seems that the aviator sunglasses continue to be a fashion hit. Aviator sunglasses can easily fit into any outfit and the best part is that they come in many different colors.

Very big sunglasses. The larger the sunglasses, the better. It seems that the famous designers and celebrities love large sunglasses because they make an outfit look chic and sophisticated. However, big sunglasses aren’t for everyone. Make sure that you choose sunglasses that look good on your face and if you don’t like how the big sunglasses look on you, choose another type of sunglasses.

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