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Foods that enhance the sex desire

Sometimes we do not always have a great desire for sex, and that sometimes is a problem. But did you know that in nature there are natural substances that increase physical stamina and desire for sex. So in your romantic dinner you should include:

Strawberries. They enhance the libido in both sexes, because of the high zinc content. Zinc is an important component of semen and cares for the testosterone in the body.

Celery. It helps the sex hormones and also helps with sexual activity.

Oysters. They are an aphrodisiac for men! They have impact on the quantity and quality of the sperm. The legend is that the notorious Casanova ate 50 oysters a day to be in shape.

Nutmeg. According to the Chinese is a strong sexual stimulant, but in large doses leads to hallucinations.

Watermelon. Except that it cares for the prostate it also enhances the male libido.

Chocolate. Especially dark chocolate calms the female psyche and give a feeling for making love.

Avocado. Rich in potassium, protein and vitamin A, this compounds will bring a great desire for naughty games.

Pumpkin seeds. Even the smell does exciting  job! This natural stimulant is rich in zinc and vitamin E.

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