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The secret of happy marriage

If you are a young couple, well, think before you decide to enter the marital waters, because to maintain a happy and stable marriage is not an easy job, and if you are already married you know how hard keeping a happy marriage is. To help you in this difficult task, these are some tactics used by couples which had many happy years of marriage.

Experts have proven that couples who are helping each other  in resolving problems and stressful situations that are not related to marriage, have a stronger and healthier relationship, from those who do not and only care about the problems in the family.

To discover the secret of happy marriage, the researchers surveyed 4,000 couples. Once analyzed the responses of couples who said they are happy or very happy in marriage, came to the following important conclusions.

Most couples spend together alone at least 7 nights a month and go out to dinner at least twice a month. They also say that they go alone on a romantic walk twice a month and at least once a month go out for coffee or cinema.

Happy couples recommend that men should give their wives tiny gifts or flowers at least once a month and spend one night a month apart.

In today’s dynamic life, very often we take our partner or his love for granted. We forget how important the hugs, embraces and light kisses are. If partners do not respect each other, their relationship will never succeed.

Every day’s affection and romantic gestures are very important part of maintaining a happy relationship. Statements as ‘I like you a lot’, ‘I love you’, ‘you look beautiful’ or ‘I’m happy with you’ help to strengthen the relationship between two partners.

All problems in marriage should be resolved with communication. Men communicate much harder than women, but that should not be an excuse to bring the problems out of home and look for a solution with your friends. You should never ever complain to your relatives, friends or close family about your husband. They will always stand on your side, and over time will begin to dislike him and it can lead to unpleasant situations when you’re going to resolve the problems between you two.

Maintaining a happy marriage is not easy, but it is not impossible. The most important thing is to maintain good communication and if you have that, any problem would be easily solvable.

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