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How to deal with jealousy in your relationship

How to deal with jealousy in your relationship

There is no person who hasn’t been jealous at least once in their lifetime. It’s an unpleasant feeling that can occur in any relationship at any time. Jealousy in a relationship is much more complex than you can imagine. It is a set of emotions like fear, sadness, anger, pain and envy. And sometimes behind the jealousy hides the desire for control over their partner.

Both men and women get jealous from time to time, but they demonstrate it in a different way. Women often show their jealousy, because they’re more emotional and aren’t afraid to share their feelings. On the other hand, men aren’t really trying to express their feelings, but when they’re jealous, they demonstrate it in a more dramatic way.

How to deal with jealousy in your relationship

How much jealousy is too much?

Jealousy is one of those feelings that you need to take control of. A small dose jealousy in a relationship can have a positive effect. It encourages the partners to respect and appreciate one another, and sometimes it can easily heat up the atmosphere in the bedroom.

But every relationship has its own unwritten rules and you need to know what are the rules in your relationship. Before you start to do jealous scenes to your partner, you need to know how much jealousy is enough and how much is too much. You should never be too dramatic and annoying, because your partner might get fed up and slowly push you away from him.

There are some cases of men breaking up with women just because their girlfriend was constantly jealous and making dramatic scenes for no apparent reason.

Therefore, you need to know what’s the right amount of jealousy that your partner can take and don’t go overboard. It’s ok if you do a few jealous remarks so your partner would know that you have strong feelings for him. But do it only if you know how much is just enough.

How to deal with jealousy and how to overcome it

If you think that your jealousy threatens the future of your relationship, here are some tips that will help you to deal with jealousy and overcome it eventually.

How to deal with jealousy – Trust yourself

You have to trust yourself, know that you have enough experience and you’re able to choose a partner who would never do anything intentionally to hurt you. However, almost every relationship can sometimes go in the wrong direction, so you need to be confident that you can handle any relationship problem that may occur.

How to deal with jealousy – Trust your partner

It’s really bad if you constantly live in fear that your partner might let you down or leave you and you have to try to stop this. Excessive jealousy can push your partner away from you and it’s also bad for you to live with fears and negative thoughts. Therefore, trust your partner, especially if he has never done something that made you doubt him.

How to deal with jealousy – Get rid of negative thoughts

Sometimes you can feel jealous before your partner has a chance to give you a reason for it. If you doubt him whenever he’s late from work or doesn’t call you back straight away, try to deal with the negative thoughts and feelings inside of you first before you start to yell and accuse him of something that he probably didn’t do. Start to think more positively about your relationship and push the negative thoughts away about what your partner can do when he’s not with you.

How to deal with jealousy – Boost your self-confidence

The lack of confidence creates a base for jealousy. We women always see our flaws, whether it’s the physical appearance or the character. And even right now, you probably think that some other woman is better than you about something. That way you create uncertainty and fear that your partner will pick her instead of you.

You should get rid of that bad habit of constantly comparing yourself with other women, because everyone is unique and special in their own way and you should learn how to appreciate yourself. So, try to boost your self-confidence and show that there’s no place for jealousy in your relationship.

How to deal with jealousy – Talk to a close friend

Sometimes expressing your feelings out loud can help you to leave jealousy behind. Talk to a close friend about your jealousy, it will help you to realistically assess whether there’s a reason to be jealous or everything is just a part of your imagination.

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