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10 Quick beauty hacks that you should know

10 Quick beauty hacks that you should know

World famous celebrity stylists and makeup artists never fully reveal their beauty hacks and secrets that they use to beautify their clients and Hollywood stars, but from time to time they reveal a good tip or trick. So we’ve gathered 10 quick beauty hacks that you should know and that might be helpful in some situations:

10 Quick beauty hacks that you should know

Quick beauty hack #1 – Curl your lashes after showering

When you can, you should really try using your lash curler after you’ve showered. The hot water and steam from the shower will make your lashes softer and easier to shape, and moreover, it reduces the risk of your lashes ‘breaking’ when you use the lash curler.

Quick beauty hack #2 – Fix the tired eyes

When you haven’t managed to get enough sleep and when your eyes are tired, use eyeshadows and eyeliner in blue or some other cool color to minimize the redness of the eyes. For example, combine gray eyeshadow with navy blue eyeshadow or dark eye pencil. Avoid anything that has a red background like pink and purple eyeshadows, because they will emphasize the redness of the eyes.

Quick beauty hack #3 – Warm your foundation

After you apply your liquid foundation, rub hands together to warm them up and gently press them on your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. The heat helps to soften the foundation and to spread evenly so you’ll get a more natural look and your face won’t have harsh foundation lines. This is especially helpful if you use very thick, high coverage foundations.

Quick beauty hack #4 – Tame the flyaways

To get the perfect sleek ponytail or ballerina bun, after you’ve done your hairstyle, take an old toothbrush, spray it with a little bit of hairspray and gently brush the flyaways. This is so easy and simple and it’s really effective because it’ll tame all of the small hairs that can ruin your sleek look.

Quick beauty hack #5 – ‘Hide’ the acne

Summer is that time of the year when people tend to break out more than usual because of the hot and damp air. If you have acne or red spots from pimples, cover them up with powder or concealer as usual and wear a bright lipstick. The bright lipstick, especially pink or coral color, will distract the attention from the redness and other skin imperfections.

Quick beauty hack #6 – Tip for red hair

Refresh the shine of your red hair with natural cranberry juice. If your hair is colored red, natural cranberry juice can give your hair incredible shine and it’ll freshen up the color. Damp your hair with natural cranberry juice (preferably unsweetened) and wait 10-15 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as usual.

Quick beauty hack #7 – Curls with wine corks

If you don’t know what to do with the leftover wine corks here’s an idea: Use them to create bouncy curls. While your hair is still damp, take a small lock, twirl it around the wine cork and secure it with a hairpin. Another thing that you can do is to make a shallow slit on the top and bottom of the wine cork and insert a small rubber band that’ll hold your hair. Do this with all of your hair, then dry your hair with a hair dryer. Because wine corks are relatively small, this trick might not work if you have really long hair.

Quick beauty hack #8 – Fix the oily hair

If your hair is oily and you don’t have baby powder or dry shampoo nearby, use cornstarch. Place some cornstarch in a cheesecloth (make sure that it has no more than 2 layers), gather and tie the ends and you’ll get a small pouch. Take the pouch by the ends and dust your roots with it. Wait for 1 minute for the cornstarch to absorb some of the fat, then with a hair brush, brush off the cornstarch from your hair.

Quick beauty hack #9 – Apply blush easily

A quick and easy way to apply your blush, especially cream blush is to smile and apply a bit of the product on the highest point of your apple cheekbones. Then with a clean blush brush or your fingers blend the blush evenly. If you’re using a cream blush, use your fingers to blend it because they’ll warm the product and blend it perfectly.

Quick beauty hack #10 – Keep Vaseline on hand

Always keep a small jar of Vaseline handy because Vaseline has many beauty uses. You can apply it to your lips to soften your lips,you can apply it on your eyebrows to make sure hat every hair is in place, you can apply it on your nails to give them a little shine when you don’t have time for manicure etc.

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