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10 Beach Bag Essentials You Should Carry This Summer

10 Beach bag essentials you should carry this summer

Relaxed and smiling people, cooling off from the summer heat, having a nice tan, what is there not to love about going to the beach? But  before you go to the beach, confidently wearing your new swimsuit, don’t forget to bring a few essential things with you. Your summery beach bag can carry all things that you need to have on hand when you’re going to the beach, plus beach bags look really fun and modern.

The things that you probably already carry in your beach bag are sunglasses, sunscreen and towel but here are our suggestions for 10 beach bag essentials you should carry this summer:

10 Beach bag essentials you should carry this summer

Beach bag essentials – Sunglasses

Sunglasses will help you stay fashionable under the hot sun and they will also protect your eyes from it. Select good quality sunglasses that have an adequate UV protection. The sunlight gets reflected from the surface of the water and the sand and can easily damage your eyes. Plus, if you choose sunglasses with dark glasses, you can see everything that’s happening around you, without looking like you’re staring at someone. So don’t forget to bring the sunglasses in your beach bag.

Beach bag essentials – Towel

You’ll definitely need at least one towel on which you can lie down and relax. Choose a towel that can fit into your beach bag and that has summery prints on it. You can also choose a beach towel with interesting design and colors that makes you feel summery and happy. Whatever print or color you choose, your beach towel will definitely look interesting and fun.

Beach bag essentials – Sunscreen

Do not dare to lie down under the sun without proper protection for your skin. Today there is a huge selection of sunscreens and sunblock so choose the one that’s suitable for you. How high the SPF should be, depends on your complexion. If you have fair skin and your skin is prone to freckles or moles, don’t risk it and protect yourself with a very high SPF sunscreen. If you have darker skin, you can use sunscreen with a lower SPF. If you’re in doubt what SPF sunscreen to buy, it’s better to buy a sunscreen with a higher SPF.

Beach bag essentials – Lip balm with SPF 

You certainly don’t want your lips to get chapped and dry when you’re on the beach. Forget your daily makeup and rely on a more natural look. A good natural lip balm with SPF will not only protect your lips from the UV rays, but it’ll also give a natural shine to your lips.

Beach bag essentials – Antibacterial wet wipes

Every woman should carry antibacterial wet wipes whether it’s in her beach bag or her everyday handbag. They will protect you from germs when you don’t have access to clean water for washing your hands. Additionally, you can also carry an intimate hygiene wet wipes, especially if you’re intending to use a public toilet.

Beach bag essentials – Magazine or a book

Before you head to the beach, get a fashion magazine that will help you to further relax and stay up to date with the newest fashion trends. Apart from fashion magazine, summer vacation is the perfect time to read a book that you always wanted to read but you didn’t have time to. Choose easy and enjoyable reading material.

Beach bag essentials – Natural body mist

Choose a natural body mist to wear on the beach instead of perfume. Using perfume when going to the beach is not a good idea because when exposed to the sun, some perfumes can cause an allergic skin reaction, and if you keep it in your beach bag it can change its scent from the heat. To smell nice, take your natural body mist with you.

Beach bag essentials – Short dress or tunic

Choose a short summer dress or tunic made from light and breathable material and put it your beach bag. This way you’ll have a dry piece of clothing if your other clothes get wet, and you’ll have a modern garment that you can easily put on and it’s suitable if you want to go to the cocktail bar nearby or when or just want to do a quick walk around.

Beach bag essentials – Mini wallet

You can’t go to the beach with a big wallet in which you have all of your personal documents, pictures of your loved ones, credit cards and money. You need to know that it’s very easy to lose your wallet on the beach or it’s really easy for someone to steal it. Buy a mini wallet in bright color so it’s easy for you to find it in the beach bag. Bring only a little money with you.

Beach bag essentials – Hat

The big hats with wide brim are made to protect your face from the sun, so it’s not a bad idea to take one with you on the beach. The big hat will make you fashionable, it’ll protect your face from the sun and it’ll complement your beach look with lots of style and femininity.

You can also bring some beach games in your bag like inflatable ball and your cell phone. Make sure that you also carry a bottle of water. The summer heat can easily dehydrate you, so drink lots of water.

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