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8 Makeup Trends for Winter & Makeup Ideas

8 Makeup Trends for Winter & Makeup Ideas

Makeup artists always show their creativity and ideas and for winter make-up. And in makeup trends for winter, we’ve noticed that there is strong emphasis of certain parts of the face like lips or eyebrows. Even though dark colors are usually the colors of choice, the earthy and natural shades are also quite popular. Juicy dark red lips, ‘smoky’ eyes, thick eyelashes, natural-looking face are just a few winter makeup trends. Here are the most striking makeup trends for winter and winter makeup ideas that you’ll want to try:

8 Makeup Trends for Winter & Makeup Ideas

Makeup trends for winter – Burgundy red lips

Kiss the pale pink lipsticks goodbye. Winter brings us back the eternal modern red lips but darker and bolder. Give an irresistible effect to your lips with deep rich shades of red. On the cold days instead of using a flashy red lipstick choose a deep red (Burgundy red) color. The matte finish that looks like velvet is a very modern look but you can also choose shiny glossy lips. For an alternative between these two, you can apply a little lip gloss in the center of your lips to make them look fuller.

Makeup trends for winter – Thick eyebrows

Don’t underestimate the power of your eyebrows, because their shape can completely change your face. And if you haven’t fell under the seductive spell of a nice thick eyebrows yet, you should definitely try this trend and see how your eyebrows will magically transform your face and make you look younger.
Grow your eyebrows and let the natural shape to show. Then just pluck the stray hairs and accentuate your brows with a brow pencil. If you don’t have thick eyebrows, just use the magic of makeup and fill in your eyebrows until they look fuller.

Makeup trends for winter – Seductive ‘smoky’ eyes

In the past few years there is no winter season without the ‘smoky’ eyes. Actually, they seem to dominate among the makeup trends all year long. However, each new season brings you small differences that makes this timeless yet modern trend unique.

The ‘smoky’ eyes this winter season should be in royal blue or royal purple or any color of precious stones like emerald, amethyst, ruby etc, instead of the classic black and gray.

Makeup trends for winter – Ultra thick lashes

Keep looking for some high quality mascara that will give volume and length to your eyelashes. Once you find your perfect mascara, apply at least two coats of it, because one of the hottest trends this winter season are the dramatic lashes. Of course, if you have thin lashes you can always apply some false lashes.

Makeup trends for winter – Metallic eyeshadow

Metallic eyeshadow looks glamorous and attractive, that’s why you need to accentuate your eyes with metallic shades of gold, silver or bronze to give radiance and sparkle to your eyes. Apply a metallic eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye and you’ll immediately notice that your eyes look brighter and bigger. This makeup trend is perfect for an evening makeup and makeup for more dressy celebrations, but you can tone it down for an everyday look too.

Makeup trends for winter – The classic eyeliner

Lining your eyes is the easiest thing to do when you want to add drama and sex appeal to your eyes. In the last couple of seasons it was enough to line your upper lid only, but this winter season you can experiment with lining your bottom lid as well and create a ‘double wing’. If you aren’t accustomed of using a liquid eyeliner, you can line your eyes with an eye pencil. The ‘cat eye’ look is still really popular, but the ‘double wing’ looks really good.

Makeup trends for winter – Natural blush

Choose blush in peach and apricot color that have a little bit of sparkly dust in them because they will dominate the winter season. The makeup artists show diversity of techniques for applying blush and contouring so you should find the technique that works for your face shape.

You can apply your blush to the apple of your cheeks and a little bit at the temples for an elegant look. Or, for more interesting look, you can apply your blush on your cheeks, and a little bit under the apples of your cheeks.

Makeup trends for winter – The ‘no makeup’ look

It seems that the ‘no makeup’ look actually means that you need to use makeup but moderately in order to achieve a natural fresh look. Use foundation and concealer to cover your skin blemishes, mascara to emphasize your eyes and a little bit of blush to get a fresh look. Finally, apply a colorless lip balm on your lips and smile. If you are gifted with naturally beautiful skin, let it breathe freely without using any foundation, and use just a concealer.

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