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Interesting expert advises for flat stomach

In order to add more diversion into the fitness programs and not to have monotonous tips for weight loss, experts are constantly in search of interesting tricks that people will immediately accept and love in their life.

Experts claim that the shaping and the toning of the stomach area can be fun and easy. In this article you will not find cliches like ‘drink plenty of water’, ‘eat fruits and vegetables’ or ‘limit the portions’, but interesting exercises and movements that will help you to achieve the goal of a firm and flat stomach.

Mini session with stomach dances

You can strengthen your abdominal muscles in a fun way with stomach movements from dances.

Stand upright and transfer the body weight to the left leg.
Place the right foot slightly ahead and slightly to the left so that it will stay on the floor only on the fingers.
Lift the right hip, then lower it. If you put the right hand on the side of the abdomen, you will immediately feel the muscle contractions.
Make at least 20 repetitions on the right, then 20 on the left. This easy and effective exercise can be done every time and everywhere (while watching ads on the TV, while you talk on the phone, etc.)

Abdominal exercises while sitting

Sounds tempting, right? The next two exercises can be done during a short break while working on a computer or while surfing the Internet.

1. Sit down so the buttocks are as much as possible in the front of the chair seat. Lean backwards to rely on the upper back of the chair seat. Tighten the abdominal muscles and lift your right knee up, then drop it. Do 15 repetitions with your right leg and 15 with the left.
2. Sit on the front edge of the chair. Tighten the abdominal muscles and without using your hands, slowly lean back until you touch the back of the chair with your head and shoulders. Then, without relaxing the muscles, go back to your original position.

Clean the house with the vacuum cleaner

Pushing the vacuum cleaner back and forth is a great way to exercise your abs without feeling it. Swiping with a broom is also a list of activities that will tone your middle body.

Imagine you have a gum stuck to the back of the chair

While you are dining out or at a coffee shop, imagine that on the back of the chair is a sticky chewing gum. That way you will have  to maintain your upper body strong and upwards, which will further activate your abdominal muscles.

Play tennis

Each swing of the racket activates the muscles, the experts say. Moreover, running left-right is a great cardio activity that exercise the entire body.

The area around the stomach is the most problematic for many women. The good news is that the excess stomach fat is a solvable problem. It only takes desire and commitment.