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7 Nail Polish Colors to Try this Winter

7 Nail Polish Colors to Try this Winter

Dramatic, glamorous and sophisticated – these are the colors of nail polishes that are popular this winter season. Forget about the neon and pastel colors, and choose a deep shades of blue, green, gray, red and purple to complement your winter outfit. Here are 7 nail polish colors to try this winter:

7 Nail Polish Colors to Try this Winter

Nail polish color to try this winter – Royal blue

Take inspiration from the precious stone sapphire to capture this sophisticated shade of blue. This color just oozes sophistication and luxury and it’ll make your nails look mesmerizing. Many fashion designer brands have launched royal blue nail polishes, so you should definitely try it out.

Nail polish color to try this winter – Dark green

Deep shades of dark green color that resemble the colors of evergreen trees is extremely popular this winter season. You should definitely try this deep green nail polish color and combine it with gold sparkles. You can also do an accent nail in gold and paint the others with dark green nail polish.

Nail polish color to try this winter – Glamorous purple

Fluorescent pink shades and shiny magenta are great colors for the summer. This winter you should make way for the darker shades of deep violet and royal purple. You could also say that these colors are a good substitute for black and brown nail polishes, which can look a bit monotonous.

Nail polish color to try this winter – Dark red

The manicure that looks strong and sexy during the cold winter days are those painted with nail polish in the color of dark red wine. Shades of dark red like Burgundy red are the perfect replacement for the intense red color because they are more sophisticated and they look more classy and stylish.

Nail polish colors to try this winter – Neutral beige and pink

‘Nude’ might be fashionable forever, so don’t skip the shades of beige and light pink. One expert advice when choosing nude nail polish is not to choose a nail polish in the same color as the color of your skin, but one or two shades lighter or darker.

There is no reason not to want these neutral shades. They look cute and they are extremely practical because they look great with every outfit. Also they don’t make your nails yellowish like nail polishes in more intensive colors.

Nail polish colors to try this winter – Gray, metallic and sparkles

Grey nail polishes have a reputation of being boring and monotonous. But this winter season this isn’t the case. Different shades of shiny gray will make your nails look modern and chic. Especially modern are silvery gray and beige shades combined together.

Metallic nail polishes and nail polishes with sparkles are extremely trendy. Especially in the winter season there are many sparkly holiday nights, so make your nails sparkle too.

Wnter nail trends – Length and shape

Long or short? Oval or rectangular? Modern dark nail polishes look best when they’re combined with short nails. But you can leave your nails longer for the nude nail polish colors.

This winter season the oval shape is more popular than the rectangular shape, because it looks more natural and feminine.

Winter nail trends – Nail trends to try

Winter nail trend – Colorful French manicure

Forget the classic nail polishes that you use for a French manicure. Take nail polishes in a color that you like and create a colorful French manicure. On the runways we’ve seen combinations of maroon with gold tip and royal blue with silver tip. For example, paint your nails with dark red nail polish, and paint the tip of your nails with metallic gold color.

Winter nail trend – Half moon manicure

Paint your nails in one color and leave them to dry completely. Then take another nail polish with contrasting color and create a small half moon at the root of your nail (near your cuticle where your natural lunula is). For example, paint your nails with nude creamy color and create the half moons with black nail polish for more dramatic look, or glittery gold nail polish for more festive look.

Winter nail trend – Accent nail

Paint all your nails in one color, but leave the ring finger bare. Paint the ring finger with a different color that goes well with the other color. You can also apply some sparkles or beads on your ring finger to make it more interesting.

Winter nail trend – All nails in a different color

Make your manicure more interesting by painting your nails in different colors. Choose your nail polish colors carefully and make sure that they go well together.

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