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7 warning signs that he is not over his ex

7 warning signs that he is not over his ex

You’ve started a relationship with someone who matches you perfectly, but you have a feeling that tells you that he is not over his former girlfriend. And naturally, there are moments where you say that everything is just in your imagination and you exaggerate things, but there are times when common sense and instincts tell you that there really is a reason for doubt.

Ignoring the signs and instincts that tell you that his heart is not fully into your relationship can bring disappointment and pain. Therefore, before you start to build a strong and long lasting relationship,  if your suspicions are true or only a jealousy. Here are some warning signs that can tell you that he is not over his ex:

7 warning signs that he is not over his ex

He uses your relationship to make her jealous

Think about it. Does he take you to places where you’ll see her or her friends? For example, you go into some restaurant and he immediately grabs your hand to goes to her friends to say hello. Then he constantly hugs you so she can see that and you notice that he often looks at her. Do all of your pictures together end up right away on his social profiles? Men usually don’t like to cover their profile with sweet romantic photos in the beginning of a relationship. If he does it too often, maybe he is crazy about you, but he also might be using your relationship to cause jealousy in his former girlfriend.

He is constantly talking about her and compares you with her 

You notice that very often, her name pops in your conversations, and it doesn’t come from you. You may wonder how does he manages to link everything to her and to mention her name constantly. It is a sure sign that she is not out of his thoughts yet. Don’t be fooled by the sweet talk like ‘You’re much nicer / sweeter than her’. Comparisons with the former lover is never a good sign, even when they sound cute.

Their long relationship ended in less than a month

If he was in long relationship with her, than he probably loved her. And if he loved her, he won’t forget her in a month. Make sure that he really is 100% over her. But don’t leave immediately, especially if you see that he gives his best to commit to you. Just be cautious.

He always mentions that her new boyfriend is an idiot

His ex is already in a new relationship, but your loved one didn’t respect her choice. It’s ok if he mentions it once that the new boyfriend of his ex girlfriend is an idiot and it might not mean anything, but if he mentions it too often, it is a sure sign of jealousy. In that case, he probably still has some feelings for her.

He wants to relive their dates with you

You go out to a romantic coffee shop and he mentions that here was his first date with his former girlfriend. The next day he asks you to go bowling, and you immediately remember that he was regularly playing bowling with her. When you accept to go to those places, you see that from time to time he daydreams with sadness in his eyes. It is normal in this situation to have a suspicion whether he is interested in a new relationship or longs for the old one.

He continues to communicate with her regularly, and when you say something about it, he becomes defensive

Many people try to stay friends with their exes after breaking up. If your partner is one of them, then he probably will continue to communicate regularly and meet with her. It shouldn’t turn you into a jealous possessive girlfriend, especially if he doesn’t do it secretly, but you need to be sure whether their meetings and contacts are threat to your relationship. If they tend to communicate and meet too often and you don’t like it, talk to him. If he becomes overly protective and declines to stop communicating with her at any price , it is likely that she is quite important for him. In that case you need to decide whether you want to be with a man who doesn’t put you in first place.

He does everything so you both won’t meet and / or he keeps your relationship a secret

He recently broke up with her and soon you two started to date. But he avoids to appear in public places where you can see someone who knows you, and when he accidentally see someone familiar, he suddenly runs away from you. Moreover, on his social profiles, there is no evidence that he is in a new relationship. Such signs should alarm you. Maybe he wants your relationship to remain a secret so he can keep his chances of getting back together with her.

To really determine whether he still likes his former girlfriend, be with with your eyes wide open and don’t ignore your female instincts.

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