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Ideal proportions of a woman’s face according to men

Ideal proportions of a woman's face according to men

Sometimes it is not only important to have beautiful big eyes and full lips to be considered beautiful, but it is important how they are arranged on your face.

Ideal proportions of a woman's face according to menResearchers found that the beauty of the face can be measured by how close the eyes are and the size and distance between the eyes and lips.

The results of the research found out that a woman is most attractive when the distance between her pupils was 46% of the total distance from the distance from one to the other ear.

The same survey has proven that on the ideal face, the distance from the lips to the eyes is 36% of the full length of the face – from the beginning of the hair to the chin.

From the Hollywood celebrities, Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Hurley and Shania Twain have faces with perfect proportions.

These proportions correspond to the proportions of an average woman. This is one of many recent studies, which show that the average woman is actually considered the most beautiful.

Previous studies have shown that men don’t want women that are too skinny, but women with curves in the right places. They are not fans of overly long legs, but they want the length of the legs to be proportionate to the women’s height.

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