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Perfume – How to Find Your Signature Scent

Perfume - The invisible fashion accessory

Perfume has always been highly valued in different cultures in the world. Today most people don’t leave their home without using their favorite perfume. Perfume emphasizes individuality and speaks a lot about the person using it. And did you know that every fourth second one perfume bottle is sold somewhere in the world?

You might already know that probably the most popular and classic perfume is Chanel № 5, but you need to know a little more about perfumes to be able to properly select and use your perfume.

Perfume – How to Find Your Signature Scent

Perfume - The invisible fashion accessory

Fragrance notes

Some people compare the perfume with music, because it’s composed of different notes that create a harmonious fragrance. Different notes emerge with time. First you feel the top notes, then the heart notes and the base notes are the end notes of the perfume.

Top notes

Top notes is the scent that we get after applying the perfume. The top notes usually disappear rather quickly, but they’re important because they create the first impression of the perfume.

Heart notes

Once the top notes disappear after a few minutes, the aroma of the heart notes appears. They’re the heart of the perfume and sometimes serve to mask the strong or unpleasant aroma from the base notes. Often these notes can be felt in a period of two minutes to one hour after applying perfume.

Base notes

The connection between the medium notes with the basic notes in fact is the smell of the perfume. Basic notes evaporate slowly, giving depth to the perfume and can not be felt until you spend 30 minutes of applying the perfume.

How to find your signature scent?

Always choose your perfume carefully, depending on the season and the occasion that you want to use it.

Select mild, warm and fresh fragrance for the summer months. Use heavier fragrances in the winter. During the day use scents with fresh and floral aroma, and use more intensive fragrances for evening occasions.

Usually on the bottles or packages you can find descriptions like Eau de Parfum (EdP) and Eau de Toilette (EdT). Eau de Parfum means that the product has a more intense smell that disappears slowly, while Eau de Toilette indicates that the concentration of essential oils is lower. The Eau de Toilette isn’t really strong, so it is best to use it during the day, and use your perfume for more festive occasions.

Whether to buy Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette depends entirely on you, and of course on your budget, because perfume is always more expensive.

How to test your perfume?

When you want to test a new perfume in order to find your signature scent, the important thing is that you don’t use any other heavily scented body care product and you shouldn’t use another perfume. Your skin should be clean and you must be in a well ventilated room.

It is best to test it on your hand, because a perfume smells differently on different people’s skin. Apply the perfume and wait a few minutes. Perfumes always have a new fragrance note after a while, so be patient. Don’t test more than 4 perfumes at once.

How to use your perfume the right way?

It sometimes happen to apply your perfume without control when you leave your home, to spray it all over your clothes or to rush out and leave the bottle near a source of heat. To avoid these things, here are a few tips:

Apply your perfume on a clean skin

Don’t use body lotion or body milk that has a completely different smell than the scent of your perfume, because in that case the scents will mix together and you might end up smelling like something that’s not really pleasant to you. If you want to use a body care product, it is best to use unscented one.

Apply less perfume

Fragrances that are having the Eau de Parfum sign have a bigger concentration of essential oils. They have an intense aroma and should be carefully applied on the pulsating points like your wrists, behind your ears and behind your knees. If you use Eau de Toilette, the concentration of essential oils is lower. In that case you can apply a bigger amount on these points or to spray the product in the air and pass through it.

Apply your perfume on your skin

Apply the  perfume before you put on your clothes. Never apply the perfume on your clothes. Most perfumes can leave a greasy stains on the clothes and the scent can become uncomfortable after a while.

Keep the product in its box

If the perfume is in its packaging, it evaporates more slowly and is more protected in case you leave it in the sun.

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