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5 Must have shoes for spring that every woman should own

5 Must have shoes for spring that every woman should own

Spring shoe trends offer something for everyone. Some shoe styles are still modern after a few seasons, some of them try to make a comeback after years of absence, and some of them are brand new and we women like to have them all.

Whatever model you choose, the most appropriate colors for spring are: nude, coral, orange, turquoise, white, green and of course black and colorful patterns. The details are also very important, because thanks to them you can bring more uniqueness to your style.

Here are the 5 must have shoes for spring that every woman should own:

5 Must have shoes for spring that every woman should own

Must have shoes for spring – Platform heels

Platform shoes have been a hit for quite a while now and they are still a great spring shoe trend. Even the slightest platform makes the height of the heel more tolerable and easier for walking. And if you don’t like too high platform, you can always choose a smaller platform and you’ll still look great. If you want to look taller then platform heels are perfect for you because they’ll give you the height that you want without having to wear heels that are too uncomfortable plus they look amazing with any outfit.

If you watch the catwalks then you know that platform heels look amazing and come in any shape, design, material and color imaginable. So go ahead and try a pair of platform heels this spring and don’t be afraid of the height – if you can walk in high heels, you’ll probably have no problem wearing platform heels.

Must have shoes for spring – Wedges

Let’s be honest, nothing says spring (and summer) more than wedges. And there’s a reason why these shoes are so popular among women – they give you the height that you want and you can easily walk with them. Many women say that wedges are easy to wear, unlike high heels. And another thing is, you can wear them everyday and they go great with casual outfits and doesn’t make you look too dress up. They also come in almost any color, design and material.

For more interesting fresh spring look choose wedges in bright colors or patterns or wedges with floral details and decorations. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because it is hard to make a mistake when it comes to wedges.

Must have shoes for spring – Cutout booties

One of the biggest hits for the past couple of seasons are the cutout booties. And they come in wide variety of shapes and colors: some of them have cutouts at the ankles, some of them have cutouts at the toes, they can have different details and they come at any height of heel imaginable. Although the weather in spring is usually warmer, in some places it can still be cold in spring so you can still wear cutout booties. If you live in a warm place you can wear a cutout booties, just don’t choose leather but choose some lighter and more breathable material that’s light and much thinner.

The best thing about the cutout booties is that they go with almost any type of clothing and style. The only thing that you need to do is to choose the cutout booties whose style and heel height suits you.

Must have shoes for spring – Gladiator heels and lace up heels

Gladiator sandals and gladiator heels have stayed popular for many years now, but it seems like their popularity have fallen a little bit the past few years. But this spring season, the catwalks showed many gladiator inspired high heels so they’ll surely become more popular again.

Another spring shoe trend is lace up heels. Lace up heels look a bit similar like gladiator heels but instead of leather straps they have laces. They actually look really nice and you can pair them with virtually anything, from jeans to dresses.

Must have shoes for spring – Unique flats

If you don’t like wearing high heels, then don’t worry, flats are a great must have shoes for spring. Just don’t choose your usual pair of ballet flats, choose an interesting and unique pair of flats. Choose flats with pointed tip, with many metallic details or interesting straps or cutouts. There are so many model of flats out there that you’ll surely find the best one for you.

So these were our suggestions for must have shoes for spring. What kind of shoes do you like to wear in spring?

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