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Tips for using hair mousse

Tips for using hair mousse

It is not a secret that the hair plays an important role in a woman’s great appearance. Today beauty depends not only on genes or nature. There are millions of cosmetic products, which, if used properly can make your dry and damaged hair look healthy and shiny.

Hair mousse is mainly used by women with curly hair, but also it can be an ideal product for straight hair because it makes it shiny and creates more volume. Here are some tips on how to use hair mousse:

Tips for using hair mousse

Different hair mousses are for different purposes

There is hair mousse intended for curly hair, there is hair mousse for straight hair… There are tons of styling foam for different purposes. Some experts recommend using the dryer or straightener and others say to shape the hair with your fingers. Choose the hair mousse by the look you want to achieve. You can find different varieties with different prices. Hair mousse is economical hair product that you don’t have to buy often and usually a small amount goes a long way, so invest in a quality hair product.

Apply the hair mousse on a damp hair

It is best to apply the hair mouse on a damp hair. Just shake the bottle well, apply a small amount of the product on your palm and apply it through your hair. When you apply the hair mousse on a wet hair, your hair will stay soft and shiny. If you have long hair and you apply the styling foam on dry hair it will make it look dry and stiff.

Don’t apply the hair mousse on very wet hair

Don’t apply the hair mousse on a very wet hair, it will take ages for your hair to dry and you might not get the look that you want. Take a towel and pat dry your hair before you use the hair mousse. It works best when hair is damp or half dried.

For a short hair and a modern look – try it on dry hair

If you have a short hair and you shape it in a stylish and modem way and you need your hair to stay stiff throughout the day, then try using hair mousse on a dry hair. Use a small amount of the product and shape your hair in the desired shape. Once it dries your hair will be stiff and you will achieve the modern ‘wet’ look.

Less hair mousse is better for your hair

Don’t use too much hair mousse because you can get the opposite effect. If you apply a large amounts of hair mousse, your hair will look flat and it will divide unnaturally, overall it won’t look nice. If you don’t know how much hair mousse to apply, start with small quantities. For a very long hair, it is enough to apply two balls of hair mousse, each of the size of a golf ball.

Do you want more volume?

This effect will be achieved if you apply the hair mousse on your roots while your head is tilted down. The styling foam should be equally applied to the roots but don’t overdo it. Then blow dry your hair while your head is still tilted downwards. After your roots are almost dry, lift your head up and continue to style your hair in the desired shape.

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