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How to choose concealer

Sometimes we often need to conceal some imperfection on our face. Whether this will be red spot, acne, scar or dark circles under the eyes, the concealer does the job. Concealing is important to be done in a professional manner, so to not make the problem bigger and visible.

Most of the imperfections that we want to conceal have different color. Dark circles around the eyes are dark-violet color, and capillaries, or scars of acne – red.

To hide the problems of the face and to have even tan, it is necessary to counteract these colors, with the help of concealers in different color.

What concealer do you need?

The colors who neutralize, are colors located on the opposite side of the wheel of colors. For example, to neutralize blue, you need yellow, and red – green.

There is diversity in the concealer, but the basic are three undertones like green, yellow and pink.

Green concealer. It is  used to hide red spots from acne and capillaries. It often comes with tea tree extract which helps with the acne.
Pink concealer. It is used to cover imperfections of the face as yellowish bruises.
Yellow concealer. It is used to cover purple bruises and the dark circles under his eyes.

Of course, the obvious colors of the concealers are yellowish, salmon, peach… You just need to look at the color well so you can determine the undertone.

After you apply the concealer, cover it with liquid foundation and blend everything up.

If you use an ordinary foundation, with the color of your face tone, you will not hide the problem, and the red spots or dark circles will still show. Therefore, always remember to first neutralized the imperfections with concealer, and then apply liquid foundation.

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