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How to choose and apply blush

Today most women avoid to use blush as part of their makeup. American research has shown that in 1948, 66% of women used a blush, and today that percentage dropped to 47%.

If you want your face to have fresh, healthy and natural look, there’s nothing better than the blush. However, it should be used carefully because too much blush on your face can make you look silly.

What kind of blush you should choose?

What color? The color of your blush should be one to two shades darker than your complexion. To better determine what color of blush you need, pinch your cheeks a little bit. The color you get, should be the color of your blush.
If you have pale skin you should  choose bright pink or peach color, and for darker skin – apricot or red. As part of the daily makeup, use brighter blush (pink, the color of apricot or peach), and for evening makeup – darker shades (blush mixed with golden or bronze shades).

Blush powder or cream? If you use blush for the first time maybe it is best to start with creamy blush. It is easily dispersed by the fingers and can be mixed with liquid foundation.
It is best to choose the blush in accordance with the type of your skin. If you have oily skin, use powder blush, because it will stay longer on your skin and will not cause unnecessary oily glow. If you have dry skin, you can use creamy blush.

How to apply the blush?

Best trick before you start to apply the blush is to smile. This will highlight the apple of the cheeks. Apply the blush with the blush brush (if you use powder blush), just remember to tap off the excess, or use your fingers if you use the creamy blush (the warmth of your fingers will melt the product and t will disperse evenly).

The blush should be applied from down to up motion (and the brush should be approximately with an angle of 45 degrees). Make a quick movements. Do not repeat on the same places, unless you want to increase the intensity.

If you apply too much powder blush, take a clean powder brush and try to remove the excess. If you applied more creamy blush, it is best to remove the excess with sponges that are used for applying liquid foundation.

Do not apply blush close to the nose or under the eyes.

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