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7 reasons why you should have sex

It will protect his heart. Men who have sex three or more times per week, reduce up to 50% the risk of heart attack.
It reduces pain. Experience of orgasm stimulates production of endorphins. Growing presence of endorphins in the body, reduces the pain from arthritis and menstrual pain.
Reduces stress. If you are stressed out and pissed off, rather than to shout at your partner for no reason get in the bed. Sex is a great way to reduce tension and helps you relax.
Makes you happy. Sex makes you happier than money. According to research from the National Bureau of Economic research in America, in which marriage partners have regular sex brings the same luck as earnings and an additional 100,000 dollars a year.
Increases confidence. Experts say that if everything goes good in the bedroom, and you satisfy your partner, you will have greater confidence in other spheres of life.
It enhances immunity. If you have sex at least once or twice a week, it will improve your immunity by 30%.
Helps to lose weight. Well it’s shown that you can burn extra calories while you have fun in bed. With a 30-minute sex, you will burn average of 150 calories.

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