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10 Easy Ways to Feel More Confident and Sexy

10 Easy Ways to Feel More Confident and Sexy

Have you ever wondered what’s the one thing that some women have that draws the men’s eyes to them? It’s called self confidence, and it’s a thing that’s important to have not only in your love life but also in many aspects of life in general.

We all have bad days when ‘seductive’ is at the bottom of the list of words that would describe how we feel that day. The good news is you don’t need some special skills or things to wake up the sexy goddess that lies within you. Here are 10 easy ways to feel more confident and sexy:

10 Easy Ways to Feel More Confident and Sexy

Ways to feel more confident – Look yourself from another angle

A way to feel more confident is to look yourself from another angle. Put on a top or dress with open back and stand with your back in front of a large mirror. Take a smaller mirror in your hand, point it to the large mirror and look at yourself and your bare back. Many people would agree that the bare back looks attractive and sexy. And when you see your body from another angle it’ll give you another reason to be more proud of it.

Ways to feel more confident – Burning red

Red clothing is like a magnet for men that will attract their looks wherever you go. When you feel that you can attract glances wherever you go, you’ll have no choice but to be sure that you walk confidently and look amazing. So put on your red dress and be more confident.

Ways to feel more confident – Try a new fragrance

Experiment with a new fragrance. If you use the same perfume for many years, your nose will start to get used to the beautiful smell, so the effect that your perfume has on you and make you feel more confident will gradually start to fade. Go into a drugstore, choose a new perfume and surprise yourself.

Ways to feel more confident – Take a black and white photo

Take a black and white photograph of yourself. Just take your camera or your phone, set it to black and white and take a photo. The black and white photo will show off only the beautiful sides of your face and body without focusing on the small imperfections. And of course, if you don’t like how the photo turns out, you can always delete it and take another one.

Ways to feel more confident – Go higher

Put on your favorite high heel shoes and look yourself in the mirror. You’ll see that legs and thighs look much better when your high heels lift you several inches above the ground. Once you see how beautiful your legs look in the mirror you’ll feel more sexy and definitely become more self-confident. Add a nice genuine smile to all that and you’ll look even more seductive.

Ways to feel more confident – Wrap yourself in mystery

Being a little mysterious can make you look incredibly sexy and attractive. You can create the perfect smoky eyes, wear large sunglasses or a wide brimmed hat. It may sound strange, but a research shows that men find women who look a little bit mysterious, really attractive and sexy.

Ways to feel more confident – Wear your favorite perfume

If you know that you’re leaving a cloud of pleasant aroma behind you, you’ll know that you can leave a special impression to someone and that will immediately give you a dose of confidence. If you’re using pure perfume, apply it behind your ears and on your wrists, and if you use Eau de Toilette spritz a little bit of it in the air in front of you and walk through the ‘cloud’ of fragrance.

Ways to feel more confident – Dance in front of a mirror

Do a slow and seductive dance in front of the mirror. Before leaving your house, especially if you go on a date, play some slow music while you’re dressing up and doing your makeup and dance with slow and seductive movements in front of a mirror. Seeing how your body dances to the slow music, you’ll realize how attractive and sexy you really are.

Ways to feel more confident – Lay in clean sheets

Another way to feel more confident is to lay down almost naked in clean sheets. After showering don’t rush and immediately cover your body with pajamas. Put on your underwear and lie in the clean sheets. You can also play some slow music and roll around in the clean scented sheets. Your senses will sharpen and you’ll awaken your sensuality.

Ways to feel more confident – Other women aren’t a competition

Don’t see other women as a competition. You can lose much more confidence if you begin to compare yourself with other women or if you try to get the most attention from men. Finding and pointing out the flaws in others not only will make you less attractive in the eyes of others, but it’ll also fill you with negative feelings that will make your self-confidence to fade.

Remember, self-confidence comes from within, and you shouldn’t worry too much how you look on the outside. If you’re self-confident, others will see it too.

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