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How to quit smoking?

There is no one who does not know that smoking is harmful to the health. Some people choose to stay away from this addiction, but often people forget the fact that cigarettes can be deadly, and they continue to enjoy every cigarette.

On the other hand, today more and more smokers are trying to quit smoking. Some of them do it due to finances, and some because they want to protect their health and their loved ones.

If you fall into one of these groups and you are ready to stop smoking, we suggest a few helpful tips that will help you to discard cigarettes from your life forever.

Get ready for stopping:

First and foremost is important to know that quitting is difficult but not impossible. Millions of people around the world each year, are giving up this harmful habit. You need to have strong motivation and willingness and to be persistent.

Often smokers fail to completely get rid of smoking after several attempts. Maybe you will be part of those who failed the first time, but do not lose hope and are not stop to quit them.

Here is what you should do to prepare for this big change in your lifestyle:

Be optimistic about your solution: Avoid negative thoughts that the quitting is difficult, because it can put you under stress even before you begin.

List all reasons that affect your decision to become a non-smoker: When you write a list of all causes (medical, financial, etc..) you will have an idea why you need to stop smoking.

Choose a strong reason why you want to quit: Often the facts that smoking is harmful to health are not enough to keep you away from cigarettes. You need to have a powerful personal reason. Maybe it will be your desire to protect your loved ones from the consequences of passive smoking, the fear of lung cancer or heart attack, or the desire for a better look of your skin and teeth. Choose your reason that should be strong enough to kill your desire for another cigarette.

Start with changes in your lifestyle: Have more physical activity, drink more fluids, do not smoke in your home or car. All this is a good start that will bring you on track.

Choose a date: It is best to be an important date for you and to never change it. It may be your birthday, a holiday or something else. That way it will be easier to track how much time you passed as a non-smoker and that will be one more occasion to celebrate on that day.

Bet with a friend or partner that you can quit on the scheduled date: It will give you more reason to stand on your word, and it can motivate you further to prove that you have a solid character.

Tell your loved ones that you are giving up smoking: It is very important to get the necessary support, especially right after you quit.

Reduce the number of smoked cigarettes:

As you approach the date of quitting, you should gradually reduce the number of smoked cigarettes. Below are 10 ways to do this. You do not have to do them all, but only those that will help you.

1. Stop buying cartons of cigarettes, and buy small packages only after you finish the previous one.
2. Buy cigarettes that you do not like – from another brand or with lower content of nicotine and tar.
3. Before the start of each day, determine the number of cigarettes that you are allowed to smoke and stick to your decision.
4. Smoke the cigarettes only halfway.
5. Avoid the automatic smoking. Before lighting each cigarette, consider well whether you really want to light it or you do it only from habit.
6. Do not clean the ashtray. That way you will have insight how much cigarettes you have smoked and the smell will create aversion to smoking.
7. Collect the cigarette butts in a bottle with water. You will see how dirty habit is the smoking.
8. Change the smoking events. If you have ever wanted to smoke in company, now start to smoke alone. If you love the first morning cigarette as soon as you wake up, now try to smoke by noon.
9. Do not keep the cigarettes at your reach. As the day of your quitting is coming, you need to keep the cigarettes away from you. The last few days do not carry cigarettes with you.
10. Do not drink or eat foods that urge you to smoke. Instead of coffee, drink juices and try to avoid alcohol.

Quit the cigarettes 100%:

1. Dispose of all cigarette packages that you have (including those for emergencies). Hide the ashtrays and lighters.
2. Get rid of the thought that you would never smoke, because that can create panic. Go step by step. Say ‘ Iwill not smoke today’ and keep your promise. Do it every day.
3. The first few days try to be more busy. Take every task and do something. Go for a walk or to the movies, exercise, or do your hobby.
4. Avoid places where you smoked. It is best to start to avoid bars and cafes, because the setting can activate the desire to smoke.
5. Drink more water and juices, and avoid coffee and alcohol.
6. Wash your teeth more often. The taste of toothpaste will reduce the desire for a cigarette.
7. Wash your clothes and spray them with your favorite perfume. That way you will realize how nice they smell when you do not smell like cigarettes.
8. Go to your dentist and clean your teeth and dental stone that is created mainly because of cigarettes.
9. If you do not have anything to do with your mouth, chew a gum. Have something to keep your hands busy, buy yourself an interesting pendant and play with it.
10. After each passing day without a single cigarette reward yourself with something. Save the money that you would have spend on cigarettes and buy yourself small accessories or cosmetics. You will be proud of yourself.

If you get a strong desire to smoke:

1. Chew sugar-free gum with mint flavor, or nibble some cucumber, carrot, apple or celery. They do not have many calories and will help to pull you from smoking.
2. Relax. Close your eyes and imagine all the reasons that will benefit you to become a non-smoker. Then imagine a place that will relax you.
3. Breathe deeply. Take 10 deep breaths and exhale.
4. Forget the idea that one cigarette will not hurt you. That way the addiction will destroy your previous work.
5. Go for a walk. Physical activity may be your best ally in the difficult period immediately after quitting.

It is important to record every passing day when you can brag that you are a non-smoker. Celebrate each month, three months or a year.

If you ever give up to temptation, do not be too strict with yourself and not be disappointed. Identify the reasons that led you to reach for the cigarettes and the next time you find yourself in the same situation you will be ready to resist this deadly addiction.

Good luck!