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How to cope with unemployment

Unemployment is a stressful experience that destroys self-confidence, creates financial problems, and in some cases brings with it depression and problems in the family.

Here are some tips that can help to ease the consequences of unemployment or the best – to defeat it:

React immediately. Whether you just lost your job or you just took a diploma from the university, unemployment is a problem to which you need to react immediately. The longer a person is unemployed, the harder it is to build the necessary desire to seek work, to go on interviews and show himself in the best light. Therefore, immediately after you get the unemployed status, activate all available resources to find a new job.
Change the way of life. If you are in financial crisis because of your unemployment or have to repay some debt, you should change your lifestyle and adjust to the new situation. Start saving more. Reduce the splurging to a minimum and have activities that do not require spending a small fortune.
Inform yourself. Read and absorb as much as possible information about the process of job search. The more you know, the easier it will be to build a performance that is expected from you in the jungle called the labor market and also you can easily adjust to the specific conditions in your country. Inform yourself everyday to do build self-confidence.
Upgrade your skills and knowledge. Use your free time and start to learn a new language, improve your computer skills, sign up on course to win a certificate or diploma. Or start reading more books about the area in which you want to continue your career.
Ensure that you have a strong CV and cover letter. These documents form the first impression of the employers for you. They are a way of advertising, which if use properly, can immediately bring you a new job. To make sure you have the appropriate documents, consult with some experienced friend who will give you a realistic view of things.
Do not isolate yourself. Make as much as you can, things outside of your home. While you can look for work online, get out and buy newspapers with advertisements and inform yourself about open jobs through your acquaintances.
Seek support. Everyone wants to share their problems, because when you do that, everything will seem easier. Talk with your family and friends about the problems you face while you are unemployed.
Use your contacts. Tell everyone that you look for work and ask them if they have information about a company that requires people with your abilities. Use the social networks like Facebook and Twitter to tell your friends that you are looking for work. Many people find work right through their friends or relatives. When you are unemployed it is not the time to be timid.
Consider other alternatives. If you feel that the moment is not the best time to look for work, you can start thinking about other alternatives:
Continuing education. Getting another degree can only help in the process of job search. The continuing education will fill the free time, you will make new contacts who can bring new jobs, and you will upgrade your knowledge.
Start your own business. When you see how difficult the situation of unemployment is, you may not think of opening a new business. But maybe that is exactly what you need. Think about your ideas. Maybe because you are unemployed will help you take greater risks and to make a dream of starting your own thing.
Be optimistic. If you are unemployed, you can easily get frustrated and can fall into depression. If you spend a long time, and you still have no luck, it is likely to begin to doubt in your abilities and at times to think that you are not good of anything. But this attitude is the worst thing you can do, because you will demotivite yourself and the employment will be transformed into an impossible mission. Fight against the evil thoughts with a great optimism and positive thinking.

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