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How to keep the long term relationship

You are a long time together and you have that feeling that you know him very well. Contrary to the opinion of most people, long term relationship does not mean an end to the romance and passionate love. You may have together 7 years and still enjoy every moment when you are together. These tips will help you achieve it.

Listen to him. Be always there for your partner. When he has a bad day, listen to him. Don’t rush to propose solutions to his problems and to stop him. He will think that you are trying to be ‘smart’. Wait for him to finish and then give him advice.
Talk to him. Tell him how you feel, what is good for you and what not. Do not assume that he knows everything, just because you are a long time together. When you have a problem, just share it with him.
Have fun. Do not be like those couples who have forgotten what it looks like fun and to laugh. Joke to your account, on his account, joke for everything you want.
Surprise him. That does not mean you have to buy expensive gifts. It is enough to buy a new set of underwear or to make his favorite meals.
Give him space. Have confidence in it. When he goes out with male company, do not attempt to learn every detail of the evening. He appreciates that.
Be spontaneous. Go together on an unplanned journey, make love in the morning or during the day. That will keep the passion in the relationship.
Appreciate the little things. To bring you a breakfast in bed, or to buy you a rose without reason is not a small thing. Appreciate  his gestures to you, no matter how small they are.
Be friends. Treat him as well as he is your friend. Be open to him. If he is 5 minutes late do not get angry, you would never have done if your friend was late.
No ultimatums. Never give an ultimatum like ‘change yourself or I’ll leave you’. You should accept him as he is. If you try to change him and if you succeed, he will not be the same person that you fell in love with, and if you fail, it could mean that you do not want him unconditionally.
Support him. If he wants to achieve something, you should always be beside him for support. Put it clear that even if he fail, you will always be there for him.

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