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The Internet increases your intelligence

The Internet increases your intelligence

Some experts argue that the development and continued use of digital technologies in everyday life affects badly on the brain. But recent research actually showed that surfing on the Internet can increase your intelligence, improve your memory and boost the IQ in adults.

The Internet increases your intelligenceResearchers compared the brains of middle aged people who rarely use the internet, and also the brain of middle aged people who are regular Internet users. During five days, the participants in the research were on the Internet for an hour per day.

The results showed that the part of the brain that is responsible for decision making and integrating complex information, became significantly more active.

This improved the ability of thinking in people that very rarely were using the Internet. The research found out that the brain function can be easily and quickly changed and improved by using the Internet. Using the Internet also increased the participant’s IQ.

But it is important to mention that prolonged use of the computer changes the way people think, feel and behave. Excessive use of the Internet leads to a reduction in the ability to create personal relationships and brings unhappiness and inability to enjoy the everyday life.

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