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First thing women notice about other women

First thing women notice about other women

The first thing women notice in other women is how ‘chubby’ they are, researchers say. Nearly 55% of women said that the first thing they see in other women is the body shape before they notice their eyes, tan, height and clothing.

First thing women notice about other womenTo get to this conclusion, researchers asked 2000 women aged 18 to 45 years for their views and first impressions of other women.

Most of the participants in the survey admitted that they form an opinion on other women (just a few seconds after introducing themselves to them) on the basis of the external appearance.

More than half of the women (54%) admitted that the first thing they see in other women is their stomach and waist.

About 90% of women know that some other women evaluated them based on their external appearance, and half of them don’t mind it (and also expect it to happen).

20 things that women notice about other women:

  • How ‘chubby’ the other woman is
  • Does she have too much makeup on
  • Does she have a sense of style
  • Her hairstyle
  • The way she laughs
  • Her skin
  • Her height
  • Does she have visible hair roots that need a touch up
  • If she overdid it her artificial tanning
  • Her eye makeup
  • Her shoes
  • Her breast size
  • Does she have tattoos
  • How short her skirt is
  • Her teeth
  • Her¬†jewelry
  • The man that she is with
  • Does she have white teeth
  • Whether she has a natural color of her hair and skin
  • Does she have a manicure

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