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The 10 Hottest hair and makeup trends for summer

The 10 Hottest hair and makeup trends for summer

Summer is already here, and the warm weather is opening some space for the new hair and makeup summer trends. Here is a list of the most interesting hair and makeup trends for summer that are popular and you should definitely try this summer:

The 10 Hottest hair and makeup trends for summer

Summer makeup trend – Colorful eyes

If you’re really bold and you love trying new makeup looks, try something that will make you look fresh and joyful – colorful eyes. Play with different: mix a lighter and darker shades and get the maximum effect. If you don’t want to experiment too much, just play with different shades of one color and create an interesting and fresh look

Summer hair trend – Messy wavy hair

The messy wavy hair looks incredibly sexy, and it’s really easy to do and easy to maintain. This hairstyle is also ideal for the beach. All you need to do is to spray same hair texturizing spray like sea salt hair spray on a damp hair and to leave your hair to dry. If you r hair isn’t naturally wavy, create some waves with a hair straightener or a hair curler and apply some hair mousse, hair gel or hair oil to get that beachy ‘wet’ look.

Summer makeup trend – Bright lips

Bright lips are an absolute hit especially in summer. What you need to do is to emphasize your lips with a matte lipstick in peach, watermelon or raspberry color. For you girls who feel bold and aren’t afraid to experiment, you can try rocking neon lips in bright pink, bright coral or bright purple.

Summer hair trend – Bob hairstyle

The always fashionable ‘bob’ haircut will help you to look trendy and stylish and in the same time it’ll be easier for you to deal with the summer heat. Even though the bob haircut usually means that your hair is cut quite short specially in the baack, this summer experiment a little and let your hair be a little bit longer. For example if you’ve decided to get a bob haircut this summer, try leaving your hair a little bit longer (the ends of your hair should touch your shoulders). After a while, if you feel that you want your hair shorter, just cut it shorter.

Summer makeup trend – Dark red lips

The dark red lips that remind you of a dark Burgundy wine are one of the most popular trends in the past couple of years. They also look sexy and irresistible but they are usually more suitable for a night’s out them wearing them during a summer day.

Summer hair trend – Warm hair color

If you’re dying your hair and you’ve decided to change thing a little bit in summer, choose rich and warm hair color. If you are brunette, choose rich and war chocolate or dark bronze tones. For blondes, choose warm gold colors, that will reflect the sun’s golden rays. If you have red hair, choose bright red or copper hair color.

Summer makeup trend – Splash of bronze

Highlight the apples of your cheeks with a peachy-golden blush and don’t forget the bronzer. You can also highlight your makeup with bronze or gold highlighter if you use nude or natural colored eyeshadows. Don’t overdo with the bronzer though, because you might end up looking like you have dirt smudges on your face.

Summer hair trend – Fiery red hair

Maybe you think of some celebrity when you think of red hair. But celebrities aren’t the only bold women who aren’t afraid to experiment and surprise themselves with red hair. Summer is the ideal time for you too to start experimenting with different hair shades, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t see how the red hair will look on you. You might actually be pleasantly surprised.

Summer makeup trend – Turquoise eyeshadow

The turquoise color i something that we associate with summer, so why not trying it out as a summer makeup. The good news is that the turquoise shades are a great match for almost all types of eye color, from brown to blue to green. If you don’t like to experiment with turquoise eyeshadow, you can always choose purple or just natural colors.

Summer hair trend – Long wavy hair

The long wavy hair that falls naturally on your back and shoulders has been trendy for a while now and it’s still probably one of the most popular hairstyles for every season. It doesn’t matter if it has the ‘ombre’ effect or if it’s highlighted, the natural looking, long wavy hair looks great on everyone.

So these were the The 10 hottest hair and makeup trends for summer. And remember, summer is time for fin and experimenting with your look, so have fun and choose whichever hair and makeup trends for summer you like and rock it.

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