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10 Secrets of happily married couples

10 Secrets of happily married couples

Does your heart melt whenever you see a smiling seniors still walking hand in hand with love and affection in their eyes? Do you want you and your husband to be like them when you turn 60 or 70? Then clearly you need to maintain the happiness and love in your marriage every single day.

Here are a 10 secrets of happily married couples who manage to keep the spark in their marriage:

10 Secrets of happily married couples

The welcome kiss

Instead of asking questions like ‘Did you buy groceries?’ and ‘Have you paid the bills?’, greet your husband with a kiss and questions like ‘How are you?’ and ‘How was your day at work?’. You have to know that your husband might have had a bad day at work and he needs comfort and calmness rather than arguing.

Maintaining your appearance

Physical attractiveness is very important. Find some time just for yourself and exercising, so you’ll look nice and you’ll keep your body in shape. Makeup and physical activity not only will increase your confidence, but your partner will know that you want to look attractive to him. Regular exercise is not only good for your body, it’s also good for your health.

Sexy plans

Married couples know that spontaneous intimacy is a rare thing. They have hundreds of commitments, regular jobs and children, so they are rarely going to be able to have unplanned passionate night. Therefore, use the power of planning and plan a sexy night at least 3-4 times in the month. Planning won’t kill your passion, it’ll just let you to enjoy yourselves without being interrupted by something.

Sweet little words

This is probably one of the most important secrets of happily married couples. Make sure that you say ‘I love you’ at least twice a day. Starting and ending the day with these three little sweet words will show that you love your husband and you still care after many years together.

Small gifts without reason

Many people appreciate the small gifts given without any reason than those given as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries and so on. So don’t wait for your anniversary or birthday. Surprise him with a new set of underwear or tickets to a sporting event. You probably know how good it feels when he surprises you with a small gift for no particular reason, so surprise him too. Giving small gifts should be a common practice in every relationship.

Divide and enjoy

The desire for love, closeness and intimacy with your partner can easily be killed by the busy lifestyle, job and housework. When the two partners have regular jobs but only one partner does most of the chores around the house, there’s a frustration and anger. An important rule for a happy marriage is to divide the responsibilities. The fact that he is a man, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to clean, wash the dishes or do the laundry. Dividing the responsibilities means that the house chores will be done faster and you’ll have more time for cuddles and intimacy.

Small breaks

Even in the most perfect relationships, the partners need to spend some time apart. He needs to relax watching a sports game, and you need to go for a coffee with friends. Don’t ignore these needs and force yourselves to do everything together. Happy couples aren’t together 24 hours a day.

Realistic view of marriage

Happy couples don’t expect every single day to be filled only with love, understanding and harmony. They know that there are bad days too. They also know that they have to try to make these days pass less painful and more easy and they should try to forget about the unnecessary and silly fights.

Calling or texting throughout the day

You don’t have to wait for your husband to home from work to find out how his day was. No mater if you have regular job and you’re busy, take 2 minutes break and call him to hear how he’s doing. Maybe he has some happy news, and he’ll make your day more beautiful. Or maybe he has a bad day at work and he needs support and some encouraging words. In any case, a phone call or a sweet text message in the middle of the day will bring you much closer than you can imagine.

Focus on the positive side

If you are trying to find things that your partner makes incorrectly, you’ll find many because no one is perfect. If you focus on finding his good traits, you’ll find many too. Everything depends on you and how you want to see things. Happy couples focus only on the positive things and that’s why their marriages are happy for many years.

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