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The small pleasures in life are free

The small pleasures in life are free

Forget the money, your car, the expensive clothes, and everything that’s material… A new research shows that the best small pleasures in life are those that are simple, free and accessible for everyone and every day.

The small pleasures in life are free

On a survey, 2000 people were asked to list the small simple pleasures that cause them to feel pure happiness. Here are the small pleasures that according to respondents are most important in life:

22% – laughter;
21% – sharing good food with good friends;
19% – getting a hug;
10% – the warmth of the sun on the face;
8% – reading a good book;
7% – walk on the beach;
5% – just lying in clean laundered sheets;
3% – watching a spectacular sunset;
3% – bringing back memories through old photographs;
1% – the smell of freshly mown grass.

Except for the ten most popular small pleasures, people also voted for: listening to the birds singing, playing with children, lying in a warm bath, the smell of freshly baked bread, playing with the dog or cat, walk on a sunny day, a smile from unknown stranger, tickling, etc.

So what little pleasure makes you happy?

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