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Morning cigarette is most dangerous

Smokers who light their first cigarette shortly after waking up, have higher levels of nicotine in the body, compared with those who are waiting to light their cigarette after breakfast. Therefore, the impatient smokers are more exposed to risk of lung cancer.

This was shown by the results of a new research, in which participated 252 healthy smokers. Researchers measured the level of nicotine in their body (and by-products of nicotine), which shows how big is the risk of developing a lung cancer.

The highest level measured nicotine was in smokers that lighted up their morning cigarette in the period of 30 minutes after they got out of bed.

Smokers who were waiting at least half an hour before they inhaled the toxic smoke had lower levels of nicotine and therefore at least slightly reduced risk of lung cancer.

Researchers hope that the data from this research will assist in developing effective programs for people to quit smoking.