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Gray hair is due to genes and less by stress

If you notice gray hair in your hair, do not blame it on stress. Recent research in this area showed that the occurrence of this unwanted sign of old age in women lies in the genetic material.

The study involved 200 non-identical twins and also identical twins at the age of 59 to 81 years. Scientists have observed the amount of gray hair, how much hair they lost from the forehead and crown of the head.

During the survey, in the identical twins, researchers did not noticed a difference in the degree of getting gray hairs, while in the non-identical twins there was a visible difference.

These results have led scientists to conclude that genes are the most important factor that influences whether you will find your first white hair in your 20s or you will not need to dye it by your 50th year.

Stress, diet and smoking has a lot less impact on getting gray hair in women than what was previously thought.

Another important finding of this research is that the hair loss on the forehead is the most affected by genes, and the hair loss on the crown of the head can be caused by the genes, but also by the environment and lifestyle.