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Diets can lead to hair loss

The stress of today’s lifestyle affect our physical and mental health.

Surprising is the fact that one in three women over the age of 25 years suffers a greater or lesser extent of hair loss. Exactly 37% of women are facing this major problem that is killing their confidence. The results of research in the UK showed this.

One third of women that were surveyed admitted that the problem with hair loss caused them to be depressed, and a quarter said that it affected their private life.

Experts believe that the main reason for this data is the frightening obsession of women to be slim.

The pressure that is generated against women for their looks, are forcing them to eat less and consume very little nutrients. Hair is one of the most dispensable ’tissues’ in our body and therefore it gets nutrients after the organism has satisfied the needs of the vital organs. Women that want to lose weight consume a little nutrients and they rarely reach the hair, experts explain.

Indeed, television, internet and magazines consistently show women with perfect faces and perfect bodies and forces the real woman to take drastic measures to reach that ideal.