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Essential oils

It is known for centuries about the power of the essential oils. Their properties are associated with both treatment and with a rather esoteric needs. The more the oil is cleaner, the better it can work. Low quality or counterfeit processed oils can harm you much more and the effects might be  eczema, allergies, inflammations, etc.

How can we recognize that the essential oil, which we have purchased is a good quality oil?
Apply one drop of it on a paper or paper towel (not glossy) and wait for 1-2 minutes. If essential oil is high quality, the drop it will evaporate quickly and will not leave oily stains, and if it leave any stain, it can definitely bring you some side effects. True essential oils have specific aroma – the eucalyptus smells like eucalyptus, tangerine like tangerine and you can not feel any aromatic impurities or mixes.
The smell should never be sharp.
If you put fake essential oil in cream, the cream will separate from the oil or it will become too greasy and will look very different from when you purchased it.
Essential oils should be stored in a dark blue or dark brown glass (if it interacts with the light the product will lose it’s quality ). The product must be tightly sealed, and should have expiration date.

Some benefits of the essential oils:
Tea Tree – antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-seborrhoeic and anti-fungal.
Eucalyptus – analgesic, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal.
Grapefruit – whitening, anti-seborrhoeic, anti-cellulite, anti-blackheads.
– painkiller, antiseptic, regenerative.
Bergamot – anti-depressing, anti-seborrhoeic, anti-blackheads, anti-inflammatory.
Tangerine – anti-depressing, anti-cellulite, toning.
Sandal – calming and relaxing effect.

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