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Women’s body calendar

For every woman the world is not the usual 365-day calendar but a completely different cycle. And the events in the sexual life directly depend on it. Especially important for men is to understand the women’s sex calendar. Each female body has its own processes. The average natural female cycle is about 28 days. Every month the women’s body produces reproductive hormones whose level increases and decreases in different periods of the cycle. And this directly affects the emotional and physical condition of the woman and of course, the sexual activity.

Women's body calendar - female body cycleFrom 1st to 7th day

These are the critical days. The women is menstruating and the hormone levels aren’t elevated. In this period women are generally anxious, stressed and in a bad mood and therefore they aren’t too eager to be intimate with their partner. But during this period, women’s skin is particularly sensitive – it allows an enjoyment of massage and caresses.

From 8th to 14th day

With every day the amount of hormones in the blood increases, so the confidence in women increases. This is the period when, according to experts, is best to control your own emotions and thoughts. The desire for intimacy is the highest, and it delivers the most pleasure.

From 15th to 21st day

The content of reproductive hormones is at its peak. The woman is ovulating and she’s most likely to get pregnant. In this moment many women feel sexual and want to be intimate with their partner. The sexual desire reaches its maximum amplitude – from complete indifference to the reckless passion.

From 22th to 28th day

The female body enters the premenstrual phase. In these days, the hormones begin to drop but women are still in a good mood. These days can be called ‘the calm before the storm’. The desire for sex gradually reduces – at least at certain times of the day, but generally the pleasure from the intimacy remains high.

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