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10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight with Minimal Effort

10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight with Minimal Effort

Most women try different weight loss diets or try to maintain their weight at some point of their life. And they all know that the right thing to do is to have a healthy diet and do some sort of physical activity and that these two things can guarantee a success.

But there are some quick little tricks that can also give you great results in the long term, without you having to do anything special. With minimal effort you can do a lot for your body. Here are 10 easy ways to lose weight with minimal effort:

10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight with Minimal Effort

Lose weight with minimal effort #1 – Keep track on how much you eat

If you keep track how many calories you consume during the day, you’ll be in control of your eating. You don’t have to write the notes perfectly and to record every single calorie that you consume, it’s important just to write how much approximately you eat during the day. That way you’ll be able to burn the excess calories with exercise.

Lose weight with minimal effort #2 – Eat flaxseed

Make sure that you sprinkle at least one tablespoon of flaxseed on your morning oatmeal or add it on your favorite salad. Flaxseed contains a lot of fiber that will help you to feel full longer and that way you’ll consume fewer calories throughout the day.

Lose weight with minimal effort #3 – Drink green tea

Make sure that you drink unsweetened green tea, especially before exercising. One of the best things you can do before starting a walking or running is to drink a cup of green tea. It’ll help you to burn more calories during the exercise and your body will stay hydrated.

Lose weight with minimal effort #4 – Buy small packages

When you go to your grocery store, if you can’t resist the temptation of buying unhealthy snacks, make sure that you buy the smallest package possible. Even if you see that your favorite snacks are discounted and you can get a bigger package for almost the same price, skip the discount and buy the small package. Also resist the temptation and buy no more that one small package. People who buy big packages consume 45% more calories.

Lose weight with minimal effort #5 – Read the labels

When you buy something to eat, read the label carefully. That way you’ll know how many calories that particular product contains. Also pay attention to the package size. Sometimes the package can weight 10 oz. but the calories given on the label are for 5 oz of the product. This means that the product contains double the calories. So in order not to be deceived, read the label carefully.

Lose weight with minimal effort #6 – Dilute your juice

Dilute your fruit juice, especially if you like to drink store bought fruit juices (they can contain a lot of sugar). Instead of a whole cup of juice, fill half of your cup with juice and fill the rest of it with sparkling or normal water. This way you’ll consume 50% less calories than if you have a whole cup of juice.

Lose weight with minimal effort #7 – Use extra virgin olive oil

Instead of using butter or any type of refined oil, use extra virgin olive oil. Rather than spreading a lot of butter on your piece of toast to put butter, place some extra virgin olive oil in a small cup, add your favorite herbs and a little bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice and dip our bread in it. This way you’ll consume less calories, plus the extra virgin olive oil has many health benefits.

Lose weight with minimal effort #8 – Eat slowly

When you make a salad, cut the vegetables in larger pieces. Also, instead of shredding your lettuce into fine strips, tear them into large bite size pieces. This way you’ll need more time to chew and you’ll eat slowly which means you’ll be able to stop eating when you feel full instead of eating a lot of food in a short period of time and overeating.

Lose weight with minimal effort #9 – Exercise before eating chocolate

Before opening a bar of dark chocolate, exercise. If you can’t stop thinking of the delicious dark chocolate that stands on the kitchen counter, do some push-ups or squats. Make 2 series of 12 squats or push-ups. This way you’ll burn the excess calories that you’ll consume with the chocolate and your brain will stay focused on your weight loss goals.

Lose weight with minimal effort #10 – Frozen grapes as a quick dessert

Frozen grapes are a delicious and quick dessert. Take a bunch of grapes, wash them well and pick all of he grapes from the stem. Place them on a kitchen or wax paper making sure that they don’t touch one another and place them into the freezer. Once frozen, remove them from the paper and place them in a Ziploc bag or in a plastic box. Next time when you crave for something sweet, take a few frozen grapes and eat them.

You won’t lose much weight by doing only this ten things but they’ll definitely help in the long run. Count these tips as a bonus to your healthy daily diet and regular exercising.

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