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3 recipes with essential oils

There are a lot of useful recipes with essential oils which can tone your skin and improve your health. And here are few so use them with pleasure:

Cream against shallow wrinkles
20 grams beeswax
20 grams Cocoa Butter (refined from the pharmacy)
50 grams water (mineral)
borax (Boric acid) just a small pinch (again from the pharmacy).
Melt the wax in a water bath, add the cocoa butter and broke it into the wax with a wooden spoon until you get a homogeneous mixture. Continue stirring and then slowly add the water a little at a time (should be at a room temperature). Finally add the borax. Leave the cream to cool to a room temperature.
When it has cooled, mix it again and add the following essential oils, follow the quantity very precise:
5 drops sandalwood oil, 3 drops rose oil and 3 drops neroli oil;
Store the cream  in a dark glass or plastic container in the refrigerator. Use it everyday but no longer than two weeks.

Massage oil for eliminating the back pain.
100 ml of baby oil
10 drops of marjoram essential oil
4 drops of bergamot oil
Aroma Lamp against headaches (for room not smaller than 18 square meters)
5 drops geranium oil
5 drops of tangerine oil;
3 drops orange oil;
3 drops bergamot oil;
For a base put some water in the lamp, but do not leave the fragrant lamp unattended and watch the water because it should not boil, because if heated too much the oil may cause more severe headache rather than to help you.

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