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5 fitness myths

Almost every second person is considered a guru in this field and wants to share his “knowledge” with others. Especially if you’re a beginner, you should carefully select your sources of information. Actually, nobody knows better than you own how your body works, what is good about it and what – not. As it comes to your body, it would be nice to know that in the world of fitness and bodybuilding there are many myths. By getting rid of the delusions, you will make fewer mistakes on the way to improve your body and will save you from injuries that could have serious impact on your body and health.

Myth № 1: The program that your friend did, will give you same results. This is a very common misconception among people involved in bodybuilding. We often ask our acquaintances in the gym what exercise program to follow and what diet to follow, thinking that if we do the same, will achieve the same results. Nothing is more false than this. Of course, maybe the program is very good – perhaps it has been developed by a trainer who has success in this area, especially for your age group. Maybe you can achieve good results with it. But remember that your body is unique! Therefore, it can respond to this program in a way completely different than that of your friend. The best thing you can do is to connect the elements of this “divine workout” with your own rhythm. Try couple of exercises, and note how your body reacts to any particular of them. In other words – to explain to yourself, what is the best for you. It may be necessary to reduce the amount of repetitions of an exercise or just to replace one exercise with another. Best results you’ll get with a program which is adapted specifically the individual features of your body.

Myth № 2: Do not need to work on leg muscles, if you’re jogging every morning.
When passing through the gym you think about all people want to train the back and chest muscles, also the hands and upper body, while the leg trainers stay free. This error is often made by those who visit the fitness room after they have run, cycled, etc. and decided that they don’t need  leg workout.
In fact, the proper workout of the upper body starts with the workout of the legs. Muscles of the legs are more wide and  load much more testosterone – the primary anabolic hormone responsible for building new cells. Thus will be easier to workout the muscles of the arms and back, without increase the training time. In fact, they will strengthen even on days when you’re not working on them in the gym.
Overall, the training of the muscles of the lower body is the best basis for the other parts. To ignore the exercises for legs, is like building a house without foundation, and this means that the training of the legs must be part of your program.

Myth № 3: The best way to burn fat is a one-hour workout with moderate intensity.
Many believe in that 60 minutes with moderate intensity activities is the best way to get rid of excess weight. Indeed, average load burn more calories at the expense of fat than high intensity activities (such as running). Also the most important factor in weight loss at the expense of adipose tissue is a balance between the received calories and spent energy.
Additionally, it’s important what happens to your body after the exercise is over. When activities are built on the principle of interval workout, you’ll burn more calories per minute than the average intensity of the workout. Of course, you will endure for so long, but the amount of calories burned in both cases is almost identical. Anyway – the advantage of interval training is that it causes your body to burn enough calories and after the training has already been completed. Interval workout is also good because it helps preserve muscle tissue, while long training at moderate intensity inevitably burns them.
Also, don’t abuse, the high intensive cardio every day. Alternate exercises with high and moderate intensity and divide them over during the week. If you want several times a week not to work intense sessions you should do your moderate exercise at least 20 minutes more to allow the body to pass the mode of burning fat. The thing is that in the first 20 minutes, your body will burn carbohydrates consumed in the last few hours. As for intensive training, you may notice the benefits – and to burn fat and improve overall health even at short (6-10 minute) training, but you mustn’t overwork yourself.

№ 4 Myth: You should eat plenty of protein to build muscles.
The more protein you eat, the more you’ll strengthen the muscles?
No, that’s not true.
Your body takes a certain amount of protein each day. When you exceed that rate, the body simply burns the calories from protein in the same way like it burns them from carbohydrates or fats. Protein is destroyed and some part of it is taken like protein, while another part is stored in the form of fat or it’s burned like energy. The daily rate of consumption of protein is 1.2 to 1.5 grams per pound of weight. This amount will provide your body with sufficient amount of trace elements necessary for building new muscle.
Instead of eating too much protein, it’s better to add “good” carbohydrates in your diet. Good carbohydrates are the best source of energy needed by your body to create muscle tissue from the protein that you consume.

№ Myth 5: To see a result, it is necessary to train each  until the seventh sweat.
One of the key success factors in building your body is break. If you walk into the room every day and exercise “yourself out” you’ll not recover after a workout and you’ll just not give your muscles time to be further strengthened and become stronger. During a break, your body re-charges so that it is stronger for the next workout. If you don’t give it time for break, you’ll only injure your muscles. And eventually you’ll become not stronger but weaker.
Add to plan their training days for moderate load or complete rest. This will not only give your body the necessary recovery time, but will give you – a psychological re-charge. It’ll also reduce the risk of overload and injury. You’ll realize that your motivation to carve beautiful and healthy body is strengthened – except the obvious results, your program will also give you energy and positive emotions.