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10 Hottest swimsuit fashion trends for summer

10 Hottest swimsuit fashion trends for summer

Every summer, there are many interesting swimsuit trends that can satisfy different tastes and preferences of modern women. Most of these swimwear trends mirror the trends in clothing.

So don’t wait anymore, dive into the new trends and choose a modern bathing suit that will make you shine on the beach and it’ll also make you feel sexy and irresistible.

10 Hottest swimsuit fashion trends for summer

Swimsuit fashion trend – Stripes

You know that the stripes are everywhere from t-shirts to skirts, and you can also see that this trend is transferred on the swimsuits too.

The first thing that falls on your mind when you hear about swimsuits with stripes are the nautical style swimsuits. However, except for blue and white stripes, stripes in all kinds of colors are trendy and look fun and interesting.

Swimsuit fashion trend – Retro beauty

The one-piece retro bathing suits, inspired by the 50s and 60s, are just as glamorous as they are sexy, even though they cover a little more skin than other types of bathing suits.

But you can also choose two-piece swimsuit with a high waist. The upper part of the costume will end on the thinnest part of your waist, making you look slimmer and more feminine. An additional plus is if the costume has a little belt because it will make your hourglass figure more highlighted.

Swimsuit fashion trend – Neon swimsuits

The swimsuits in bright neon colors are extremely trendy, especially if they have that color block effect with black lines between the blocks.

Indeed, during the first days of your vacation you might feel strange wearing really bright swimsuit, but in a couple of days when you get a little tanned, the neon swimsuit will highlight your new bronze tan like nothing else.

Swimsuit fashion trend – Floral

Bring some brightness and femininity in your beach look with floral pattern. Swimsuits with floral pattern will make you look interesting and feminine with a bit of retro charm.

Choose floral patterns with tiny flowers rather than large flowers, large flowers can be a little bit too overwhelming.

Swimsuit fashion trend – Animal print

Animal print will win the beach again. Show your wild side with an adventurous leopard print or tiger or zebra pattern.

The good news is that you don’t have to choose the standard prints in natural colors. Designers made leopard and tiger prints with purple, blue or pink undertones, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little.

Swimsuit fashion trend – Pastel colors

Coral, baby blue and baby pink color will undoubtedly make you feel feminine and beautiful, and this summer you shouldn’t feel restricted when it comes to colors. You can also choose light yellow, light purple, light green, or whatever pastel color that you like. And also, don’t forget the color blocking.

Swimsuit fashion trend – Gold fever

The gold swimsuit will give you an ultra glamorous look. Not only you’ll simply shine under the sun, but the gold color will complement the beautiful bronze tan that you’ll get on the beach.

Swimsuit fashion trend – Lots of details

Modern swimsuits can have different details that will make your swimsuit more interesting, like you’re wearing a jewelry. The swimsuits decorated with dazzling sequins or sparkling beads and stones also look really interesting and special.

But be careful when choosing this kind of swimsuit. The different details shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable while you’re wearing the swimsuit.

Swimsuit fashion trend – Fun mix

Another interesting swimsuit fashion trend this summer is mixing and matching colors and prints. For example, the upper part of the swimsuit should be with geometric pattern or in bright color or with animal print, and the bottoms should be one color only, or vice versa.

Don’t be afraid to combine different sets of bikini. With 3 bikini swimsuits you can make a bunch of trendy combinations.

Swimsuit fashion trend – More texture

Every year, fashion designers try to make new and interesting swimsuits and the one thing that’s almost experimented with is different textures. Usually, among the hottest trends you can also find knitted swimsuits and swimsuits with lace and ruffles. So go ahead, play with different textures and choose an interesting and fun swimsuit for this summer.

Swimsuit trends that you need to know:

  • Swimsuits with one strap look more interesting than those with two straps
  • You can also use strapless bikini
  • The sexy cutouts are still modern
  • Don’t underestimate the geometric prints
  • Large polka dots will bring the retro look back and also make you look elegant and chic

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