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Women dress to impress other women, not men

Women dress to impress other women, not men

Women love to dress well and gussy up, to look attractive and to receive compliments. Although it is believed that the main motivation for women to look nice is attracting male attention, new research claims that women dress to impress other women not men.

Women dress to impress other women, not menMost women stand in front of the mirror for hours to improve their appearance, for a simple reason – not to get a compliments from men, but to get a compliments from another women.

According to a UK research, two thirds of the women try to get a compliment from another woman, and 48% of women would rather receive a compliment from an unknown woman than a man.

The reason for this is that women believe that other women are more original when giving compliments than men, who give compliments without thinking and tell them that they are beautiful regardless of how they really look.

About 25% of women said that they received the most original compliments by an unknown woman, not a man.

Six out of ten women admit that while choosing what to wear for a night out, they always think of their friends and what would be their reaction, and two thirds said that if they change the makeup or the hairstyle, it is more likely to receive comments from their friends and not from their partners.

The tendency of women trying to impress one another creates a field for competition. About 25% of women think that there is competition among the girls during a night out.

In addition to complements, women tend to be critical, but they usually don’t say anything to the other woman. A third of the women admitted that they regularly see their friends gossip behind their back about each other’s appearance, while 10% admitted that they would never give a nice compliment to their friend.

The research involved 2,000 women aged 18 to 30 years.

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