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Do you have this symptoms? You need sex

Do you have these symptoms - you need sex

Do you feel blue and you need a quick pick-me-up? If you have some of these symptoms it means that you should grab your partner and make some love.

 Do you have these symptoms - you need sex

Your skin isn’t ‘glowing’

Believe it or not, making love actually can help your skin. When you’re making love, your body increases the production of collagen, which as you know, is an ingredient in many cosmetic products and it helps to make your skin smooth and elastic. Along with this, the progesterone will help the blemishes and redness to disappear.

You’re in a bad mood and depressed

When a woman doesn’t receive attention from her partner, she can get depressed and often get in bad mood. Frustration and low self-esteem are often a result from the lack of male flattery and chemistry between the partners. The hormone endorphin is released during intimacy and caressing. But if you don’t feel like making love, chocolate is a great alternative too.

You are not happy with how you look

With the stressful way of living and the pressure of looking perfect, women often are feeling that they’re not looking their best. Being intimate with your partner will increase your self esteem, reduce your stress levels and make you feel incredibly beautiful and sexy.

You’re often having headaches

Sex is a great painkiller. When you’re making love, your body releases the hormone oxytocin, which dulls the pain. Also there is some research about the link between sexual activity and the immune system so it might help you with the seasonal cold and allergies too.

You have a bad memory and you can’t concentrate

Are you feeling lazy and tired, not only physically but also mentally? You will quickly help yourself if you indulge yourself with a little intimacy. When you’re making love, due to increased blood circulation, your blood becomes saturated with oxygen which reaches your brain quickly and the next day you’ll have a very sharp memory and it will be easy for you to remember things. Regular intimacy will make you more focused and smart.

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