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Sex-errors that women make

1. You think that he’s “always ready” for sex

That may be true for teenagers, but is not necessarily for adult men. Once a man has entered the 20 there’s already too many things which compete for his energy. Stress from work, bills, daily life and a number of other things can seriously inhibit his libido. Man is not just a vibrator that can turn at any moment. This does not mean that he no longer wants you – just really probably is not in the mood.

2. You think sex is over when he’s finished

Just because he was “done” it does not mean that you are done too. Make him understand that you are not done and help him find ways to finish his work, using lips and hands.

3. I am ashamed of my body

The figures on the scales are not what you want. Therefore, you’re avoiding sex – because you think your body will repel him. Or not about weight, maybe your small breasts… Whatever it is that you do not like, do not impose it on him. If he wants to have sex with you, then you’re sexy to him whatever you look like.

4. You don’t let him pleasure you

To pleasure a woman is not an easy task. So – help him, give him guidance – when, where, what, how fast, etc.
If you’re too shy to say it out loud, invent another way to tell him. Remember that communication is always important – and in sex is crucial.

5. Reacting bad to his proposals to try something new

There is nothing wrong with experimenting new things in sex – this is not a sin. Also, the fact that he has offered to try something new doesn’t mean that he’s criticizing your skills. This is just an attempt for little variety and best of all is, that he wants to try it with you.