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Why people cheat

According to statistics from 44 to 76% of men and 21-50% of women cheat on their partner. 25% of women cheat on their husbands in their sexual fantasies. Among men this percentage is lower (around 13 percent) – they prefer to do it in real life.
Almost 43% of men experience willingness to flirt at work. Among women this percentage is 25.
Both sexes differentiate significantly in their views on the reasons to cheat – 80 percent of women say they do it because of their failed marriage, while half of the men who cheat  believe that their marriage is successful.
Women also more often cheat because there are feelings involved – almost 80% of women cheat because they’re in love. Only 30% of men say that this is the reason for them to cheat.
Most women (almost 87%) feel remorse, while for men feel it only in cases where their fling is revealed.

  • The causes of male infidelity:

Don Juan syndrome. Among men, there is a small group that suffers from a particularly neurotic disorder, which is characterized by painful desire for self improvement through multiple sexual contacts. As a rule, this type of men do not marry because they are not capable for long relationship. Even if they are bound, they are not able to restrain their desire.

Sexual avengers. This is the type of men who at some point in their lives they feel unappreciated because (according to their understanding) of the behavior of some woman – a colleague, which is ahead of them in their career, mockery of some woman with whom they had an emotional connection, dominance of the partner in their relationship.
It is such men that often become “sex avengers” – they try to make as many women to pay for their bad behavior. These men want to have as many relationships as possible, even start them because they believe that this would hurt another woman. If such a man is married and if he feels unappreciated, he’ll get his lovers to suffer.
Most often “revenge” men find suitable partners among women seeking support and love.

Escape of boredom. Prone to infidelity are many men who feel that their marriage successful. With time, love decreases and passion has shifted from exiting to daily monotony. Men who love more powerful emotions are starting to suffer from excessive calm in their marriage, even though they claim and believe, that they value their relationship with their long-term partner and do not want it to end.  This type of men hide their adventures, but they fill them with energy and they feel lively and strong.

Emotional isolation. Even in modern society, many men are dedicated to the task to succeed in their career to give security to their family. Their partners do not tel them all the details from home everyday, so that they won’t worry, without realizing that this is the first step to the alienation.
The man believes that nobody wants to share with him the emotions from the successes and mistakes and begins to consider himself “used”. If in this situation he does not wish or is unable to give his thought of the real problem and resolve it through conversation, most often they’re looking to vent their frustration – with his lover, which is financially independent and appreciates him (according to his own understanding) only because of his spiritual qualities.
If the feeling of neglect does not go away or if he start to think that his mistress is getting “material”, he finds another one. For him, it is not true feelings from the woman that matter, but his own sense of pleasure and that she (at least externally) admire him.

Escape through sex. Men who experience problems of psychological nature, even without being connected with their family life and sex, often seek to resolve them through sex. And when they can not admit the problem before their partner, they seek solace in another place. Women by nature are inclined to this kind of compassion this kind of men easily find someone who understand and feel compassionate to their misfortune.

  • The causes of female infidelity:

Sexual frustration. Most women that cheat, when they seek an explanation for their actions, indicate that the first reason is insufficient or non passionate sex.
Their unwillingness to share and seek solution with the partner makes almost inevitable the creation of another emotional relationship in which the woman extremely rarely, finds emotional balance.

Break the psychological addiction. Women who feel that their marriage restricts their personality, look for a particular adventure. In its new context, they seek the opportunity to freely exhibit exactly these qualities that in their marriage for some reason are forced to suppress.
This type of women often have several simultaneous affair – one for each quality that family life makes them to hide.

Search for communication. This, though odd at first glance, is actually one of the most common reason why women cheat. In the adventure, she wants to find not sex and freedom but an opportunity to communicate. Once she feel satisfied, she’s ready to start new affair because she’ll never perceive her partner as a permanent man with whom she feels safe.

Revenge for infidelity. Emotional sensitivity of women, including when they’re aware of their husband’s infidelity, make them to feel pure emotional incitement to “revenge” – and they sometimes do it. This happens most often when the woman for various reasons is unable to end the marriage – then she thinks “why he can and I don’t”. At the new relationship she’s looking also for moral support.

Search of a new partner. More often than men, women, once they find that their marriage is doomed, they start to look for a new partner before the previous relationship ends. This is due to their need to be supported – particularly morally, for the step they want to take. If the new “partner for life” is found quickly, the previous marriage is also ended quickly. However, if this “seeking” continues for long time, the marriage can survive in that state almost a lifetime.

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