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7 Bad Habits That Women Hate in Men

7 Bad Habits That Women Hate in Men

Don’t fool yourself that men are less complicated than women. They’re also a nature’s miracle and they’re as complicated as us women. As women, we’re constantly trying to understand men, and we try so hard that eventually their behavior start to bother us.

A woman can easily get irritated when her partner ignores her while watching sports or constantly checking his phone. Often women start to accept some of men’s actions, but there are certain things that men do, that women can’t ignore. Here are 7 bad habits that women hate in men:

7 Bad Habits That Women Hate in Men

Bad habit that women hate in men #1

One of the bad habits that women hate in men is to listen only when they want to. Men like to switch off from reality from time to time, to let their thoughts roam free and to choose to hear only what they want to hear. Sometimes a woman feels like she’s talking to the walls when the topic is housework or other chores. Indeed, women do talk more than men, but we also deserve some attention.

Bad habit that women hate in men #2

Staring aggressively at every attractive female is another thing that bothers women. Most women know how men work and they don’t expected their partner to constantly look at them. The fact is that men can’t help themselves to stare when a beauty queen pass them by. But they don’t know that we women see everything and we register each and every ‘wandering’ of our partner’s eye. There are men who know how to discreetly satisfy their curiosity. But also there are those who don’t know when enough is enough. There is no woman who wouldn’t be upset if her partner is persistently staring at another woman.

Bad habit that women hate in men #3

Some men expect a woman to fall into their arms just because they bought her a drink. There are men who think that their expensive clothes, nice mobile phone and buying drinks can win any woman. Today, most women do work and have a great careers and they can afford their own drink and even buy a man’s drink. A woman that knows what she wants, will never be impressed by these ‘tricks’ and she’ll actually be upset if someone expects something from her just because he bought her a drink.

Bad habit that women hate in men #4

Another one of the bad habits that women hate in men that’s really annoying is when men forget important dates. There’s no excuse can if a man forgets his woman’s birthday or their anniversary. Today there are various reminders that men can use so that they won’t forget important dates. They are also really useful for men who say that they have ‘bad’ memory.

Bad habit that women hate in men #5

Women really don’t like when men just shut off themselves from everything else when they’re on the computer or watching sports. Nobody expects men to quit watching sports, playing video games or checking their phone. But women are bothered by the fact that while men do those things, they ignore them and everything else.

Bad habit that women hate in men #6

Men just don’t notice details and this bothers women. It’s annoying when you try to look good for him so you decided to have a new hairstyle, use a new perfume or lose 5 pounds, but he’s just clueless and doesn’t give you any compliment. Women feel more confident when they receive a compliment, so it’s normal to want your partner to notice you when you make a positive change.

Bad habit that women hate in men #7

Lets face it, one of the bad habits that women hate in men is when men don’t control their natural ‘manly’ actions. It’s not normal for men to spit everywhere, to curse, burp or ‘scratch’ down there, in front of his partner or worse – in front of a company. Such actions are highly impolite and they annoy every woman. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all men.

But let’s admit it, it’s not only men, we women also have our own bad habits and actions that men don’t really like.

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